Coleman has earned a reputation as being a company that produces quality products at an affordable price and the Coleman Lazy Spa hot tub supports this reputation. Whenever you purchase Coleman merchandise, you are investing in products that are backed by first class customer service. You will feel confident in your tub because it is one of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market. But, that confidence will be even stronger because you know that if anything ever happens to your tub, Coleman will be there to support you and help you solve your problem.

When Coleman designed the Lay Z Spa, they skipped the fancy “bells and whistles” and focused on the basics. At Tub Headquarters, we always place a higher value on foundational hardware than extra features because we think quality is more important than quantity. What good is an inflatable hot tub with LED lights and a waterfall if its heat pump is going to die after a few years? We are big fans of the Lay-Z-Spa because it is a strong, reliable inflatable hot tub that is built with enough quality to last through years and years of use.

Personal Story

2015 was an important year for me. The previous year I had purchased my first inflatable hot tub, an Intex Pure Spa, looking for an affordable alternative to a $4000+ fixed-walled hot tub. I used that tub through the summer of 2014, but packed it up for the winter. In 2015 I set it up in the spring and left it inflated and running for the entire year. Going into the winter, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was enjoying myself so I decided that I would leave it set up for as long as it could maintain hot water. My tub remained at 104 degrees for the entire winter. I was so impressed that I began recommending inflatable hot tubs to friends and relatives, and helped them purchase their own. I discovered that a blow up hot tub is fully capable of facilitating the same soaking environment as a traditional hot tub, and I wanted to share this revelation with as many people as I could. I know that most people are not able to spend a couple thousand dollars on a traditional hot tub, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to enjoy a soak, if they want to. I wanted to let as many people as I could know that there is a reliable affordable alternative. This is why I created Tub Headquarters.

By 2016 I was sold on the inflatable hot tub, in terms of my confidence in their performance and durability. I had one permanently set up on my back deck, but I wanted another one for travel. Of course I could have just deflated my deck tub whenever I wanted to travel, but somehow I convinced myself that it was logical to just buy a second one. So in the summer of 2016, I purchased a Coleman portable hot tub. I have a 1977 VW Campervan that I like to use to camp at state parks in the summer, so I thought that I would mainly be using the tub at campsites. I knew that Coleman has a strong reputation in the camping community and I liked the specs of the Coleman Lazy Spa, so purchased one and used it that same weekend on a camping trip.

That first camping trip, and every one since then, was a wild success. We arrived at the campground at about 9am on Saturday morning, filled the tub up with water, and turned the heat pump on. I left the pump running all day while my family and I enjoyed the outdoors. We ate dinner, roasted some marshmallows, and lifted the lid for the first time to check the temperature. It was hot! That night we enjoyed a relaxing soak under the stars. It was paradise.

I wound up following the same routine many more times on more and more trips. The Coleman hot tub was always able to elevate the water temperature to max temperature by dinnertime, meaning that we were always able to soak in the evening. Repeated setup and teardown, setting it up on jagged rocks, debris falling into the tub, all contribute to what I consider high-impact use. Despite our abuse of the Coleman inflatable hot tub, it has never let us down. It is another example of just how wonderful these new products are, and another factor that encouraged me to eventually create this site.


The Coleman portable hot tub is rock-solid when it is inflated. Whenever you are soaking in it or using it in anyway, you get the sense that you are interacting with a fixed structure. You can sit on the edge of it and the walls hardly give. The reason that the inflatable tub basin is so strong is because it is constructed with vertical and horizontal I-Beam technologies, which means that the inner walls are connected to the outer walls with vertical interior layers of strong fiber as well as horizontal layers of strong fiber. Most competing tubs only have vertical internal support. The additional inner support ensures that the spa retains its shape when you sit on the wall, no matter how many times the tub has been inflated or deflated.

The Coleman Lay Z Spa tub basin is constructed out of a 3-ply material, which means that the material is comprised of 3 separate stacked layers. Coleman outsources construction of this material to a company called TriTech, which is a common practice in the inflatable hot tub industry that we are big supporters of. We like when companies build the products that they are good at building. TriTech is a company that has years of experience specializing in the construction of durable waterproof materials. They can produce higher quality material than Coleman can at a lesser cost. So we like that Coleman uses TriTech to construct the inflatable material. The TriTech 3-ply material has a polyester core that is encased by a layer of PVC on each side. Polyester is a woven fabric that is strong and resistant to tearing. Its only drawback is that it is not always waterproof. PVC is a plastic material that is completely waterproof so using polyester for the core and then waterproofing each side with PVC is an effective way to create a strong waterproof fabric.


The lazy spa hot tub heat pump is strong. It processes tub water at 320 gal/hr and is able to increase water temperature by 2-3° F/hr. This is faster than many of the other inflatable tubs on the market. The rapid heating system makes the Lay-Z-Spa a good candidate if you are looking for a tub to use on temporary adventures like camping trips. The heater is rated for use in temperatures over 40° F. During testing, we have seen the Coleman inflatable hot tub maintain max temperature at temperatures well below 40° F. The rating guarantees that if you filled the tub with cold water, it would be able to heat the water up to 104° F as long as the air temperatures are above 40° F. You should know that the pump is not rated for use in sub-freezing temperatures and frozen water in the pipes could damage the pump, so 32° F should be the point where you take down the tub for the season.

coleman lazy spa inflation hose

The Coleman portable hot tub is 77 inches wide, when fully inflated, but it actually has a larger tub basin than some of the other 77-inch inflatable hot tubs. Its 254 gallon tub reservoir is advertised as being able to support 4-6 adults. We have tested it, and we will say that it can comfortably hold 4 adults, but when we put 6 adults in the tub it was cramped and there was a lot of body contact. We recommend getting a larger inflatable hot tub if you intend on regularly using it with 6 adults. The Lay-Z-Spa weighs 86 pounds dry when it is packed with all of its components in its convenient travel bag. When it is filled with water it weighs roughly 2700 pounds.

The Coleman spa does not have the traditional water jets that you commonly see in fixed hot tubs. Instead, the tub has a bubble jet. The air pump pushes air through a perforated tube along the bottom edge of the tub walls. When the air escapes, it forms into tiny bubbles that rise to the surface and produce the sensation that you are sitting in a cloud. Traditional hydrojets require internal tubes and an additional water pump, which increase the cost of inflatable hot tubs. The bubble jet is an affordable alternative to hydrojets that still produces a pleasant soaking experience. There are millions of bubbles that create movement in the water and a soothing sensation for the body. The tiny bubbles also reduce opacity, which increases privacy. We like the bubble jets and think they are a great affordable alternative to hydrojets.


Everything that you need to enjoy your first soak is included with the Coleman spa. The only thing you will need to buy is chlorine to keep the water clean. It takes about 35 minutes to set the tub up, and it is a fairly simple process. You start by spreading out the ground mat and laying out the tub basin onto the mat. Next you inflate the tub basin using the air pump inside the pump unit. It takes 5-10 minutes to inflate the tub. Next you connect the heat pump unit to the tub and fill with water. Finally turn on the pump and wait for your water to warm up.


We are big fans of the Coleman hot tub because we think it is one of the strongest and most reliable inflatable spas on the market. We think that the fact that the Lay-Z-Spa is manufactured by Coleman is a valuable trait because Coleman’s first class customer service adds an additional layer of confidence to an already solid spa. The heat pump is strong and has proven to us that it can maintain max water temperatures in near freezing air temperatures. The TriTech material is durable and helps facilitate sturdy tub walls. When you are searching for the best inflatable hot tub, make sure to take a look at the Coleman inflatable hot tub because we think it is one of the best inflatable spas out there.