There is no doubt that massage therapies offer endless benefits and thus using your own massage chair gives you complete liberty of getting massage according to your preference of time and place. With a massage chair you can customize massage session according to need of your body. You may lengthen massage for areas that are most painful and where you need to relieve your muscles. A massage therapy not only relaxes your mind and body but also improves your metabolism, reduces fatigue, detoxifies body functions, heals your body and more. The main requirement for a great massage is to bring your body and mind to a relaxed state before beginning.

Preparing for a massage

Just Relax: The only requirement before massage session is to prepare you to relax. The more relaxed your body and mind would be the most benefits you will be able to reap out of your massage session.

Take a Warm Bath: One of the idealistic ways to get you in a relaxed state both physically and mentally is to take a warm shower bath. A warm shower just before massage will put you in a comfortable state. With bath your muscles will be lifted in to a state of relaxation. Clean body gives you more comfort during massage session. Also you should not wear makeup or excessive perfumes for massage session.

Communicate with Therapist: If you are visiting a therapist or even if you will be experiencing massage over a massage chair, make sure that you talk or think about all your areas of concern. There may be some areas where you will prefer a light touch massage and some painful areas may need deeper therapies. Each one of you has different preferences and problems and thus it is best to have a customized massage according to your need.

Adjust Music Volume: Some of you may want complete silence during massage so you don’t need any music. Some prefer slow soft music in order to get him in a state of relaxation. Find your preference and set music system according to your taste of music you prefer during massage.

Set the Temperature: If you would be feeling too hot or too cold, you would not be able to enjoy massage session. Make sure that you set the temperature of your room. During massage session heat is pulled out of your body and thus you would feel that temperature of the room cooler than before. For being on the safe side, you can keep a blanket with you or can even increase temperature of heat padding to make the environment more comfortable for you.

Don’t Overeat: It is recommended that you should not overeat yourself before massage session. But don’t be starved too. Eating too much would make you feel uncomfortable during a massage session and so would be the case if you are starving.

About Water Intake: Intake of water has an important impact on getting a good massage therapy. Increased intake of water would give you improved results and positive impact of massage session on your body. Massage sessions are great source for pushing toxins out of your muscles and these toxins are released in your stream of blood. As you increase your intake of water, it aids your body to flush out all the toxins.
Even when you are done with your massage session, drink a lot of water. After massage your body may sore and you may feel pains but don’t forget to drink a lot of water prior and after massage session.

For prevention of soreness after massage: Deep stretching massage may give you soreness after the session; in order to prevent it you must avoid any dynamic or strong exercises after massage session. Your body experience vigorous stretching and flexibility while massage and thus in order to maintain that you may find it good to do some proper body stretching light exercises. It is also a good idea to rest in a hot water bath tub for some time to prevent from soreness.

Checklist of Important Tips:

  • Reach on time for your massage session.
  • Tell all your concerns and communicate if you need special attention to some areas of your body.
  • Make sure you mention all your preferences and health issues clearly.
  • Do not compromise on anything that you find weird or are uncomfortable with.
  • Focus and breathe well, try to avoid all worldly thoughts and stresses.


The main purpose of massage therapies is to help human body relax and stress relief. In order to let your therapist live up to your expectations from a massage therapy; clearly communicate your anticipations from a session. This would surely make your massage session rewarding as your therapist will know your expectations and would strive to excel on them. It is important to give your feedbacks after a session in order to let therapist know his strengths and areas where he needs to improve. After a session, give yourself some quiet time in order to allow your body to relax and re-vitalize. During session if you find anything painful or are not comfortable with some moves, let your therapist know about it immediately. Massage therapies are here to make you feel good. To conclude, do not be stressed, shy or worried during massage session but enjoy it to its most.