Intex PureSpa Plus

The Intex PureSpa Plus Hydrojet Inflatable Hot Tub is arguably the best luxury tub on the market. The reason  is because Intex started with the durable, easy to maintain design adding the internal hardware necessary to support jets. The result is an inflatable hot tub that remains portable and convenient. It rivals the lavish experience of fixed tubs that are 10 times more expensive.


The distinguishing feature of this tub is its built-in jets. True spa jets pump high-pressure water into the cistern, resulting in a massage-like sensation. Most inflatable hot tubs have no jets as it requires significant hardware additions to the tub walls and pump system. Pipes need to be ran through the tub walls. A high power water pump needs to be added to the heating unit to move the high-pressure water through the jets. Most inflatable hot tubs choose not to include real jets and, instead, use bubble jets. Bubble jets pump air back into the tub, creating a nice bubbly tub. But it does not provide any kind of massage.

The Intex PureSpa Plus has four real spa jets creating an authentic spa experience. If you are looking for a luxurious spa experience that compares to a fixed tub, then its price is justified.

Intex PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe


The PureSpa Plus uses a thick, durable 3-ply material. The fabric has a polyester core and a layer of vinyl on each side of the polyester. Polyester provides strength and resistance to tearing. Vinyl provides a waterproof barrier on each side of the polyester.

You can sit on the tub walls of the PureSpa Plus and barely notice any give. You might actually be surprised because of how solid the walls get when fully inflated. Intex is able to achieve this by connecting the inner and outer wall with high strength fibers. These fibers prevent the tub walls from expanding outwards. The PureSpa Plus is able to maintain high pressure for around 6 months. After half a year if you need to add more air, you can easily do so using the air pump.


The Intex PureSpa Plus is 77 inches wide at its outer walls and has a 57 inch diameter usable soaking area. It is rated as a 4-person tub. There is a jet for each person then. The heat pump is sufficient for a 290 gallon 6-person tub providing an outstanding performance when processing 210 gallons. The oversized pump on a the smaller tub is able to increase water temperature by 3° F/hour. The pump processes the water at 460 gallons/hr which is plenty to keep water clean.

When keeping the same water for an entire season, it stays clean and free of debris. Because the pump is able to heat the water so quickly, the PureSpa Plus is a good tub to take on trips. It is able to maintain the max 104° F temperature in cold air conditions.

One of the unique features that Intex includes with this pump unit, is a hard water treatment system. This system removes hard substances from the water, making water gentler for a soothing experience. Intex is the only brand that has this feature.


It only takes one person to set up the Intex PureSpa Plus. All you need to do to set up the tub is lay out the ground mat, set the tub on top of it and inflate. The air inside the pump unit that powers the bubble massage jets also inflates the tub. There is a hose included that you use for inflation. Everything you need to use the tub is included when you purchase the product, except chlorine. After you inflate the tub, fill it with water and attach the pump unit. Allow yourself about an hour in total for setup.

Maintenance is also easy. Clean the filters every few months and sprinkle granulated chlorine into the tub every few days.


The Intex PureSpa Plus 4-Person Hydrojet Spa is the best inflatable hot tub that you can buy if you are looking for great jets. It is more expensive than the base model, but the extra cost is worth it. This product bridges the gap between inflatable hot tubs and fixed ones. Aside from the hydrojets, this tub is durable and easy to set up. The heat pump is very strong which means it can maintain max temperature in near freezing air temperatures. Intex has figured out how to make a great tub showcasing in the PureSpa Plus with the sturdy walls, powerful pump and the attention to detail.