For any business to become a success, most important is that you have started it with a clear goal and a strong base. Moreover as time passes you remain focused on growing it over years to come while preparing it for facing future challenges that withstand with every business. Similar considerations should be made when you think of starting a massage business. Your strong foundation and continuous work for growth will ease up the process and you will be able to boldly face all the hindrances that may come your way. This page will give you basic details on how you can set up your own massage business or spa.

Why to set up your own Spa Business?

Being a massage therapist is a rewarding job in itself whether you are working at some spa or are running your own business. Comparison between a massage therapist’s job and business makes you realize that business takes you to a level way higher than what you can achieve with a job. Not only you will be able to grow yourself in to a much stable financial condition but you will get a chance to completely live your dream. You may have great ideas of establishing an impressively pleasing environment of spa but at job you may not be able to turn that in to reality. With your own business you can live your dream.

Before setting up your Massage Business:

Before actually setting up your own business, you need to educate and train yourself in the field. Here are certain steps to follow.

  • Massage Style Options:

Massage therapy is a complete field of knowledge with varied styles and types of massage therapies being practiced. First research and learn about different styles and types and identify which type you want to specialize at. Most of the therapists in the field train themselves with 3-4 styles. However the more styles you learn, your clients will get more options for massage with you and thus you will get more clients. But remember quality is most important. Make sure that whatever you learn, you should get expert at it whether it is just 1 style or more.

  • Going to a Massage School:

Once you decide which styles of massage you wish to learn and offer to clients. Educate yourself and get certified for those massage therapies from a reputed massage school. You can check your local therapists or research for referrals for some good schools offering good learning environment.

  • Work with another Massage Business:

This step however is optional but it is recommended that before beginning your own setup, you should work at an existing massage business. Experience is something that would give you special tricks that you may not have learnt at your school and apart from that you will have a better insight on how your competitors are operating this business. It is opposed to business ethics to ask your clients to follow to your own massage business however some customers who really like your service may follow you even if you don’t ask them too and that is completely fine with ethics too!

Building a Successful Massage Business:

  1. Prepare a Business Plan: This is the fundamental task before beginning any business. Before you start your own spa, create a detailed plan of your business that would include all the goals and aims that you have along with a proposed timeline for achieving those goals over time. This plan would help you in developing your strategies for attaining those goals and apart from that would be helpful for investors before they actually provide you investments for your business. You can find professionals in the field of management whom you can communicate your goals and they can work with you in developing a successful business plan.
  1. License would be required: In order to practice as a massage therapist in your state, you would need certification and licensing to do so. Not only these are requirement but are measures that would keep you and your venture protected by law to operate the massage business.
  1. Choosing a Location for Business: Next step is to choose a location that you think should be perfect for your business to flourish. This is surely a tricky step and you need to consider various aspects when finalizing a location.
    • Look for an area that is central to your potential customers.
    • Distance matters. Closer your business is to your clients, there will be more chances for you to get preferred over other businesses.
    • Do not compromise on location, keep on looking until your find a right one to settle down. Do not rush.
  1. Business Registration: Next step is to finalize a name for your business and register it with your State Secretary. There may be differences in requirements and procedure of registering a business in each state and thus you would need to contact Chamber of Commerce of your State for details on that. All accurate information regarding paperwork needed for registration can be gathered from there. It is best to hire a lawyer for this paperwork as you should not be making any mistakes with legal issues.
  1. Set up a Soothing and Relaxing Environment: The key to a successful massage business is an environment that is welcoming and relaxing. This place doesn’t need to be an expensive plot but you can turn some affordable place in to relaxing spa with some proper furniture items, massage equipment and related products. Make sure that your spa location has some easy reach parking spot so that your clients may not face trouble of parking elsewhere and walking down their way to your spa.
  1. Handling of Accounts and Records: Before you begin operation of your massage business, it is important to make sure that you keep proper accounts and books and keep all your receipts for accounting track. Make sure to maintain all your business accounts and payments separately so that you can have a good idea about expenses and profitability. If you can afford it, better hire someone to keep accounts for you so that you don’t have to face compliance issue in future.
  1. Market Your Business Well, Make it a Brand: Now that you have a vision and have laid a strong base for your business. Work on budget and take out time to make your business a brand and market it for your target audiences. Today, for a strong business you must have:
    • Online Presence
    • Local Networking
    • Impressive Customer Service
    • Strong Marketing


Establishing and developing a strong business is not peanuts, it doesn’t take vision, proper strategies and a lot of hard work to attain your desired position in a competitive marketplace. So do not rush on establishing your business. Make sure you are prepared to set up your business with proper research, education, certification, training and knowledge before you actually step in to it. A successful result will only be one that has a strong ground work and a strong vision.