You should consult your owner’s manual to see how to set up an inflatable Hot Tub for the first time because each product is different requiring different installation procedures. These instructions are applicable to the more popular inflatable hot tubs such as the Intex and the Coleman inflatable hot tub. We want to share the process with you so that you can shorten your learning curve and set up your portable spa as smoothly as possible.

Hot tub Setup Guide

inflatable hot tub with seats

1. Decide where you want to set up an inflatable Hot Tub.

Picking out the right area to set up your blow up spa is important. Pick out a piece of ground large enough to comfortably contain your jacuzzi. Leave yourself an additional foot on each side of the walls, and a 3-feet extra area for the pump unit. For example, if your tub is 73-inch diameter, pick out a piece of land that is at least 97×97 inches with an additional 36×36-inch in the corner that the pump will be located. The ground should be free of rocks and debris that can puncture the material. The land should be flat and level so that water weight is evenly distributed.

It is ok to set up your spa on a deck as long as the deck is rated for the weight. Another thing you will have to consider is proximity to a plug. You don’t want to have to rely on an extension cord. Not rated high enough it can result in voltage drop and damage your electrical components.

2. Prepare the area.

Remove any loose debris and sharp objects that could damage or put additional stress on your tub. If your spa comes with a ground mat or you purchased one on your own, lay it out with the pips facing down. Spread out your deflated tub cistern on top of the mat with the air valves aiming towards the area where you pump is.

3. Set up the pump.

If you purchased a Bestway or a Coleman Lazy Spa, the pump unit comes preassembled, so there shouldn’t be any need to put it together. But if you purchased a portable jacuzzi, put it together and plug it into a suitable 110-volt outlet.

4. Inflate your tub.

Connect the inflation tube to the pump’s air outlet and connect the other side to the tub’s inflation valve. Turn on your pump. If your pump has a reset button, press it to reset your pump. If your pump has a voltage test feature, run the test to make sure your pump is hooked up correctly to the necessary electrical source. The same duct is used to power the bubble massage air jets. To inflate the tub reservoir, you are just rerouting air that would normally go into the bubble massage air ducts.

Once your blow up jacuzzi is fully inflated, press the button again to stop the flow of air. Detach the air hose from the tub and make sure that the tub’s inflation valve is closed tightly.

5. Inflate the lid.

First of all, unfold the lid reservoir and spread it inside the lid’s cover so that it’s own inflation valve is accessible. The inflation tube should still be attached to the pump. Connect the loose side to the lid reservoir and inflate it the same way you inflated the tub. Press the bubble button to start airflow, and press it again to stop it. Be careful not to over inflate the lid. The lid is usually made out of thinner material so it is more vulnerable to bursting. When the lid is done inflating detach the inflation tube from the lid and the pump.  Once the lid is inflated pack the tube away.

6. Connect the pump to tub.

The pump valves will attach directly to the tub valves without any hoses between them. When the portable jacuzzi is inflated the valves should align directly. There are three valves that you need to attach. The largest valve is the air valve that you used to inflate the tub and lid. Attach the air valve to the corresponding air valve on the tub. This is the valve that the air will travel through to power the bubble massage air jets. The other two are the water intake and outlet valves. The pump draws water in through the intake valve, cleans, heats and sends it back through the outlet valve. Connect all three valves tightly.

7. Attach the filter.

On the inside of the tub, make sure that the drain cover is firmly attached so water doesn’t leak out of your tub. If the water intake and outlet valves have covers, remove them. Your tub will come with a filter which screws onto the water intake valve. This is the valve closest to the floor of the tub. Insert the filter into the filter housing and screw it on to the pump’s intake valve.

8. Fill with water.

You should clean your blow up spa before you fill it with water, making sure to rinse out any dust or debris that could contaminate the water. Once it is rinsed out, fill your spa with water from a garden hose. Make sure that you stop once the water passes the minimum height. You can always drain water by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tub if you overfill it.

9. Heat the water.

There are two buttons on the pump unit that you should press. One button activates the water filtration system. The other activates the water heater. You should turn both of these on. Furthermore, use the temperature arrows to set the desired water temperature. The water filtration system must be turned on before the pump can start heating the water. Keep the lid closed while the pump is heating the water as it helps heat the water quickly.

10. Add chemicals.

When you first set up your blow up jacuzzi, shock the water to kill all organic compounds that could lead to the growth of biofilm and algae. You should also adjust the pH of your water to get in within the desired range. Consult the instructions on the specific chemicals for each of these activities. Once the pH is correct and your water has been shocked, add granulated chlorine. After the water has been treated with the proper chemicals, setup is complete. At this time you should seal the lid and wait for your tub to heat up. The best blow up hot tub increases its water temperature by 3-4 degrees F in cold ambient air temperatures. If it is warm out, you can expect your tub to be ready by the next day.