How to Relax Your Muscles, Recent research has proven that when proper techniques are applied, even muscles totally exhausted by strenuous exercise can be rejuvenated. When 11 men were provided with a special 10 minute massage following an exhaustive workout at the gym, researchers at the McMaster University of Canada discovered that their muscles underwent a series of molecular reactions. Interestingly, studies have found that such special massages can be replicated on massage chairs as well.

How to Relax Your Muscles, Swedish Massage at Slow, Moderate Setting

swedish massage vs deep tissue

Involving simple kneading and pressing, Swedish massage allows for better blood circulation. Aside from this its benefits include lowered muscle tension and ease of muscle exhaustion. It can also reset twisted or slightly damaged muscles to their normal positions.

To reach the levels of precision achieved by the masseurs used in the experiment you need to:

  1. Initiate a low intensity massage for about five minutes. Focus especially on the back and the limbs, as these areas suffer most during any type of strenuous work.
  2. Once complete, pause for a minute and ensure that the muscles are relaxed.
  3. Most of the best massage chairs come with a “Swedish massage” option. Select it and set the stroke length to long and the pace to slow or medium.
  4. Undergo a 10-15 minute Swedish massage using these settings. Ensure that the entire back is covered. However, there is no need to initiate a parallel massage for the arms and legs. That is unless the attachments of the chair specifically support Swedish massage for the limbs.
  5. Pause for about a minute. If Swedish massage is not available for the arms and legs, select any low to medium intensity massage.
  6. Take another 10-15 minute massage session with both the back and limb massage systems in motion.
  7. Instead of undergoing a low intensity massage, spend 5 minutes simply sitting on the chair.

Deep Tissue Massage

benefits of deep tissue massage

Masseurs and therapists around the world are using deep tissue massage to relieve strain and tension in deep muscles. As the name suggests, this massage provides much-needed blood circulation to the deeper tissues. In addition, it helps dispose of toxins and wastes. On top of this, it loosens tight muscle groups, reduce incidence of twisted muscles and ensures proper transfer of energy to cells.

To achieve deep tissue massage on your chair:

  1. Since this is a high-intensity massage, it is ideal to undergo a 5-10 minute low-intensity massage beforehand.
  2. Multiple massage systems can be chosen. If deep tissue massage is availableextend the stroke length to maximum to achieve the optimal massage level. In case of tapotement and compression massages, choose either and jack up the settings to high. Complement these settings with a medium intensity reflexology massage for the feet.
  3. Initiate a 10-15 minute session using these settings. It is advisable to keep the spine centered on the massage chair. Avoid movement.
  4. Complete the massage session by carrying out a 5 minute low intensity massage at the end.

Note: There may be situations where dermal problems or other health issues may cause the deep and intense massage to become uncomfortable. Stop the massage immediately in such circumstances and consult a doctor.

Sports Massage

sports massage definition

Sports massage provide athletes with removing the tension and fatigue in the muscles. It also prevents muscle spasms and cramping, increases flexibility and facilitate rapid rejuvenation of muscles. Additionally, it reduces the risk of any injury.

The ideal sports massage for those suffering from muscle stress can be successfully replicated using a massage chair:

  1. Navigate through the control console to see if Hawaiian, stretch and tapotement massage systems are available. First choose the less intense lomilomi and set it to medium intensity.
  2. Select a 15 minute Hawaiian massage session to loosen up the muscles.
  3. Proceed to stretch and tapotement. Carry out 10 minutes of stretch massage, followed by an equal duration of tapotement. Repeat once more if necessary.
  4. Finish the session with either low intensity stretch or lomilomi massage.


Since muscles have a tendency of adjusting to a certain type of massage, try out all three types and then settle for the most beneficial. This choice may depend on factors such as age, fitness and time. The above-modified techniques should be able to reduce stress and improve the health of the musculature in the long run.