Did you recently buy a hot tub? Do you also have all of the tools that you need to clean it but aren’t really sure where to start?

If so, don’t fret—it’s a pretty easy and straightforward process. In this guide, we will take a look at a few of the best tips and tricks to keep in mind when caring for your hot tub so that it will last for a very long time.

Hot Tub Care Tips

Find the Right Cleaning Solution

Of course, you may have all kinds of cleaning solutions for caring for your various household items, and many of these cleaning solutions may have even been purchased for your hot tub. However, you can’t just grab the first cleaner you see and start going at your tub with it. Rather, you must make sure that the cleaning solution you find doesn’t suds up, as the suds will make hard water stains along your hot tub. You should use a standard rag to clean the tub with this solution, rubbing and applying pressure but not rubbing too hard; you don’t want to damage the tub.

Check the Water for Impurities

Even if you keep a cover on your hot tub, dirt and debris may still make its way into the water. Therefore, once every few days, you should check the water to make sure it is still clean. If it isn’t, add some chlorine or bromine to it and then adjust it to the perfect PH balance, which should be specified in your owner’s manual or on the back of whatever sanitizing product you are trying to use.

This will need to be done after you test the quality of the water using testing strips, which should definitely be done once a week no matter what. Eventually, you will need to completely replace the water, but this can be done in intervals of three, six, or nine months, depending on how often you use the tub.

Use a Good Cover

As previously mentioned, a good hot tub cover can help keep most of the dirt and debris out of your tub when you want to ensure that the water stays clean. Covers will also insulate the hot tub to ensure that they maintain a steady temperature, and they will protect those in your home from falling into the tub when it is not in use.

Check the Filter

Of course, just like pools, hot tubs are designed to filter out any impurities that may be in them, but from time to time, filters can clog up and cause real problems. For this reason, it is a good idea to check the filter whenever you perform your other maintenance tasks. If you do so, then you don’t have to worry about gunk backing up into the water that should normally be clean.

Check the Tub for Chips or Cracks

While most hot tubs are fairly durable, sometimes their acrylic shells can chip and crack. If this happens, it may compromise the integrity of the tub, and as a result, you’ll need to repair it before anyone can use it again. Therefore, it is important to check on a regular basis for these cracks and chips so you can get them repaired right away. If you have an inflatable hot tub, check it for any rips or tears that you might see, because these will need to be repaired, too, or else you’ll have to get a different hot tub.

Stick to a Schedule

Different parts of the hot tub need to be cleaned at different times, so the important thing is that you develop a schedule and stick to it. Research which components of the tub need to be cleaned when, then record those time intervals on your calendar and do them when you are supposed to. Failure to do so could result in a messy, nasty hot tub that will be even harder to clean than it would have been had you chosen to just do it according to schedule, on the appointed day you had already chosen. Hot tub maintenance is not something to fool around with, so you definitely need to do it on schedule.

Now that you know how to maintain your hot tub, hopefully it will be easier for you to do just that. Follow the tips outlined in this guide and maintenance should go fairly quickly and smoothly.

As long as you do everything exactly the way you are supposed to and take care to follow all of the instructions outlined in your hot tub’s owner’s manual and the directions found on the back of the various care items you are using for the tub, then there should be no problem with the maintenance process, so you should be able to get into the swing of it and find that it comes naturally over time.