So you purchased a hot tub or inflatable hot tub Accessories and your looking for some accessories to upgrade it?

Some people purchase a hot tub or good inflatable hot tub as a resource for relaxation. Others purchase a spa for all of the health benefits. Some people purchased their portable hot tub for the new social environment that it fosters, allowing them to spend time with family and friends. Whatever your original reason was for, there are accessories out there that can enhance your experience.

Before you go out and start spending money on accessories unnecessarily, you should first take a step back and think about the reasons that you use your blow up hot tub. What do you like about it now? What do you want to gain from it? Maybe you want to elevate its social appeal by adding music to the soaking environment. Maybe you think that soft lights could create a more relaxing environment. Or maybe you want to make sure that your portable jacuzzi is safe for yourself and for loved ones.

Once you decide what part of your soaking experience you want to improve, then you can go and start shopping for accessories. In this article, I am going to suggest a few potential upgrades. This list is far from exhaustive, but maybe it will get you thinking outside of the box and it will help you to consider products that you may have not considered before. Although I will be referring to inflatable jacuzzis throughout this article, these accessories are appropriate for traditional hard-walled spas as well.

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Whether you are spending a romantic evening with a significant other or just laying back and enjoying a soak by yourself, the situation is always more relaxing when we know that we are safe from nosy eyes. If there are avenues of direct line-of-sight to your spa, sometimes it is nice to upgrade the environment with some privacy enhancements.

My first suggestion is to invest in privacy wall with vegetation such as Leyland Cyprus or Abrorvitae. These dense green trees will compliment your back yard while providing privacy.

Sometimes you don’t have the ability to plant trees around your inflatable tub, so another option is to build a canopy or pergola around tub. I have neighbors to one side of my house so I only need privacy from one direction. I built a wood pergola and hung a privacy screen on the side that faces my neighbors. This allows me to enjoy the stars and all of the beautiful surroundings around me while being shielded from the gaze of my neighbors in one direction.

If you don’t want to build a pergola, you have two options. You can purchase a gazebo to set up over top of your inflatable hot tub, or you can purchase a privacy wall to set up in the direction of neighbors. Both of these items are easy to put together, and can be taken down and packed away at the end of the season or if you need the space back.


The ultimate goal, for most people when they soak in a tub, is to achieve heightened relaxation. Being immersed in hot water will only allow you to reach this state if your body is comfortable. If your body is in an uncomfortable position, then you might not be able to completely relax. Fortunately, there are some products that you can purchase to make sure your body is in as relaxed position as possible.

We are all different sizes and shapes, so our bodies settle into a tub differently. Shorter people often struggle to keep their head above water while they are leaning backwards in a comfortable position. For shorter people like me, sitting on a spa cushion completely changes the soaking experience in a great way. The floor of an inflatable hot tub is a thin layer of vinyl sitting on some kind of bubble mat. You can still feel rocks and imperfections through the ground. A spa cushion adds a comfortable seat that protects you from ground objects while giving you a few extra inches to keep your head above water.

When you are sitting on your cushion, you have a few extra inches of height so you now have the ability to lean your head backwards. Inflatable hot tub walls are pretty comfortable because they are filled with air, but you often find your head rolling side to side. A spa pillow is a great way to stabilize your head. When you are sitting on your cushion, with your head leaned back against a pillow, your body is immobilized. This allows you to completely let go of all muscles because when you do, you aren’t going to move from that comfortable position.


If you are a parent, or have children nearby, your primary concern should be to prevent them from getting into the spa without supervision. There are a few ways you can do this. The first and easiest way is to install locking clips at the points where the lid fastens to the body of the tub. This will prevent children from entering the tub, and will also prevent neighbors from taking a dip while you are out of town.

Whenever you enter and exit your tub, there is potential for slipping. I use a heavy-duty rubber nonslip mat. This is great for preventing slips, and also provides a soft clean area for wet feet when exiting the tub. The floors of inflatable hot tubs are actually pretty coarse, so you shouldn’t need to worry about slipping in your tub. But if you are concerned, you have the option of adding tub mats to the bottom of your tub as well. Just make sure they don’t float.

Fun Hot Tub Accessories

My favorite thing to do while, soaking in my tub, is to listen to music. The right music has a way of relaxing me even further, and is a wonderful compliment to the already relaxing environment that an inflatable hot tub creates. I invested in a set of outdoor speakers, which I love. The speakers stay outside and run off of my homes electrical system. But, they are Bluetooth capable so I play music and control volume through my phone while I am soaking.

If you don’t want to bother with hardwiring any outdoor speakers, they make battery-operated floating speakers that are great for inflatable hot tubs. Just drop them in the water, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Another mood enhancement that you can make is adding lights. They make underwater LED lights that you can put along the edge of your tub. The lights create a really cool look and the softer lights actually increase relaxation.

Are you the kind of person that enjoys games? Well they make floating board games too. I like soaking with my wife, and we love playing a game of chess while we relax in our tub. The game gets us talking and laughing while we unwind together.


This list is far from exhaustive. There are tons of products that you can purchase to enhance your inflatable hot tub soaking experience. I wanted to write this article so that I could list a few of the more popular inflatable hot tub accessories. Maybe this list exposed you to a few products that you hadn’t thought of before. Hopefully it gave you some ideas of what you can do to enhance your own tub. Or maybe you know somebody who has an inflatable hot tub. With the holidays fast approaching, an inflatable hot tub accessory can make a great gift for a tough-to-shop-for family member.