Coleman Lazy Spa – The great thing about inflatable bathtubs is that they give you an instantaneous vessel into which you can pour water and have a proper bath. If the model you bought is big enough, you can even invite your friends to join you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub. There’s plenty about this product that makes it a great option if you’re interested in home-bound bathing solution.

Coleman has earned a reputation for being a company that produces quality products at an affordable price. Whenever you purchase Coleman merchandise, you are investing in products that are backed by first-class customer service. If anything ever happens to your tub, Coleman will be there to support you.

When Coleman designed the Lay Z Spa, they skipped the fancy “bells and whistles” and focused on the basics.  What good is an inflatable hot tub with LED lights and a waterfall if its heat pump is going to die after a few years? Lay-Z-Spa is a strong, reliable inflatable hot tub that is built with enough quality to last through years of use.

Coleman Lazy Spa Review, Inflatable Hot Tub Spa – Prominent Features

  • Digital Control Panel – As you probably understand already, one of the most important features of an inflatable bathtub is how adjustable the temperature of the water is. With this model, you can do this easily with a digital control panel onboard. You can set the timer, so that this thing will heat the water in your absence.
  • Durable Construction – Made out of high-quality PVC, this inflatable bathtub can be a great option for anyone looking for durability and ease of maintenance. Thanks to the tough materials, it will never lose shape or get damaged by high temperature. Anything up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit won’t damage this bathtub.
  • Easy Setup & Maintenance – Thanks to the pump that comes complete with this contraption, all you need to do to is to attach the pump onto the whip. As far as the maintenance is concerned, there’s not much you need to do other than clearing it out every now and again. You can simply put the cover that comes with it and protect the tub from the debris.
  • Portability – Since this bathtub is inflatable, carrying it around is not that difficult. You can simply fold, pack it in the box it comes with and load it in your car.


In conclusion, the Coleman hot tub is one of the strongest and most reliable inflatable spas on the market. Coleman’s first class customer service adds an additional layer of confidence to an already solid spa. The heat pump is strong and has proven that it can maintain max water temperatures in near freezing temperatures. In addition, the TriTech material is durable and helps facilitate sturdy tub walls. To sum up, when searching for the best inflatable hot tub, make sure to take a look at the Coleman inflatable hot tub.