Bestway was founded in 1994 as a company that specializes in inflatable sporting and leisure products. Their catalog includes, but it not limited to above ground pools, air mattresses, inflatable boats, and every day inflatable swimming products. Bestway is an Asia-based company that has risen to the top of the world markets through superior supply chain management. Most of the inflatable hot tub retailers are based in Asian countries. Bestway has risen above its competition in its ability to manufacture and and transport retail goods, which has given the company the ability to undercut the prices of many of its competitors. What is unique to Bestway is that most of their revenue is actually derived from selling products to other retailers. Bestway still sells their products from their website and through major online retailers like Amazon, but these are small scope sales compared to the business they do with other brands.

Bestway runs a very smooth vertically integrated operation. They are successful because they are industry leaders in Research & Development, Manufacturing, and Sales & Logistics. In fact, Bestway was the 2nd largest inflatable outdoor leisure products distributer in the world, and occupied a recorded over 30% of the total sales in this market. The reason that Bestway is such a dominant force, is because in addition to their superior logistical operations, they manufacture high quality products. Bestway has a reputation for excellent product design, quality, functionality and value.


It is important to note that Bestway is partnered with Coleman, which means that many of Coleman’s Lay Z Spas are produced in Bestway factories. When you compare the Bestway SaluSpa line to the Coleman Lay Z Spa line, you will see many similarities because they were designed and manufactured by the same people and resources. This isn’t a bad thing, though, because Bestway makes a superior product. As we mentioned before, Coleman is trying to increase brand reputation by selling higher quality products. The fact that Coleman chose to outsource their inflatable hot tub manufacturing instead of building them in-house, is a testament to the quality that Bestway is able to offer. Coleman has the resources to manufacture inflatables in their own factories, but the company realizes that they can offer better quality at a reduced cost by partnering with Bestway.

There are pros and cons to purchasing a product from the source like Bestway, instead of a middle man like Coleman. Bestway might be able to offer cheaper prices because they don’t need to mark products up to make a profit because they are the manufacturer. So, you may be able to save some money by purchasing a Bestway inflatable spa over a Coleman. The drawback is that Bestway’s customer service might not be to the same level as Colemans. Coleman built a brand based on customer service and are very experienced dealing with people. Bestway, on the other hand, is used to dealing with distributers and doesn’t need to devote as many resources to customer service. Despite the slightly lower level of customer service resources, we will say that Bestway is definitely a top inflatable hot tub brand. They know business and how to manufacture a quality product. It’s our opinion that it is absolutely worth it to purchase from Bestway because they build one of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market.

Coleman History
In the 1900s, W.C. Coleman discovered that gasoline created a white flame instead of a yellow flame which was the color produced my most of the standard kerosene lanterns of the time. The Coleman Company was founded on this product, which is the reason that their logo still has a lantern on it today. Coleman’s dreams did not end with lanterns, though, and over the next 50 years the Colman Company expanded to the point that they were producing every camp stove issued to American soldiers fighting in World War II. The company’s growth continued after the war ended, and by the year 2000 Coleman was producing over 15 million outdoor recreational products per year. Coleman, which is owned by Newell Brands is, itself, a parent company. It now owns popular brands such as Esky, Aerobed, Sevylor, Stearns, and Puddle Jumper.

Many major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc, sell Coleman products in their sporting goods departments. Being so successful in affordable retailers like Wal-Mart has been beneficial for the company, financially, but has tarnished the brand’s reputation because many people believe the stereotype that products sold at stores like Wal-Mart are cheap. The fact is that these major retailers usually perform a very detailed selection process, and only choose products who provide high value at a low cost. So this can actually be a compliment to the brand. But Coleman wants to be in the same retail class as high end sporting goods brands like Patagonia, Marmot, and the North Face so they recently brought in a new CEO, Robert Marcovitch from K2 Sports, to help them achieve their vision. Coleman is in a transition period right now, and consumers can take advantage of that.

When a brand seeks to elevate their image, the first step is to actually create a higher quality product. In the past 5 years Coleman has spent money to increase the quality of their products. As a result of this push, we have seen that the fabric that is used by their inflatable hot tubs has increased in durability. The great part about Coleman being in a transition period is that they still rely on big name stores for the majority of their revenue, and therefore must remain affordable. Because the public’s image of the brand has not yet increased into the same class as the premium retailers, Coleman cannot demand high end prices even though they make comparable products. That benefits the consumer because it means that we can get better quality for our dollar.

We are pleased with the quality that we have seen in Coleman inflatable spas. We think that their Lay Z Spa line is well worth the price and is the best quality inflatable spa that you can get from large retail stores like Wal-Mart. The Coleman Lay Z Spa line is constructed with high quality materials and can it can be reasonably argued that it is the best inflatable hot tub line on the market today. Whether or not we agree that it is the best inflatable spa available today, we do agree that it is major competitor in the game and deserves recognition.

Intex History
Intex is a company that has been specializing in inflatable and water-related products for over 40 years. In 1977 they started selling their first product, the inflatable pool float. In the 1980s, the company reinforced their original design, and began selling the new product as a camping pad. For 20 years, Intex grew slowly by making pool floats, but they soon realized that pool toys had a low ceiling and they needed to reevaluate the direction they would take moving forward. Designing pool floatation devices gained them good experience in the pool industry that Intex was able to use to shift their brand’s focus. In 1997 Intex started selling its first above-ground pool. This was a significant leap because that direction shift pointed them in the direction that they are heading today. I they took the camping pad one step farther and broke into the air mattress market in 2012. And, in 2014, Intex designed a product that launched them into a whole new level of retail excellence. Intex now manufacturers arguable the best inflatable hot tub on the market. The Inflatable spa has become their hallmark product. It is their top selling product, and is the biggest reason that the brand has gained so much respect and recognition.

The products that Intex manufacturers: air mattresses, pools, camp pads, and inflatable spas, all share a common feature, which has become the identity of the brand. Each product is made from strong waterproof synthetic material. So you can think of Intex as a company that worked very hard to make one product well, which is durable waterproof polyester. Once they figured out what they were good at, they designed a catalog around that product. We prefer this business model because it usually results in higher quality manufacturing. Companies who are able to take what they do best, and manufacture goods founded on these strengths are usually able to build better products then companies who value quantity over quality and spread resources among a diverse, but often sub-par, catalog.

Intex’s business objective is to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price, designed for comfort, safety and fun. They strive to deliver outstanding merchandise with impeccable customer service. Their vision is to be the most recognizable, trusted, innovative company in their industry. From our experience with Intex products, we feel like they are making great strides to remain consistent with their vision and objectives. The Intex PureSpa line is one of the highest quality inflatable hot tubs that we have seen, and is reasonably priced. Intex has taken the lessons they learned while becoming a leading above ground pool manufacturer, and are using that experience to deliver one of the best inflatable hot tub product lines on the market.