SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub
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  • Inflated walls are made of tritech material, providing the ultimate in comfort and durability
  • Salu-massage system
  • Automatic start & stop timer saves energy
  • Fast, easy set-up - inflates using the spa's pump

We always say that if you are trying to decide between two equal inflatable hot tubs of different sizes, choose the smaller one. The smaller the spa, the more flexibility you have in selecting a location to set it up. Most of the tubs on our list hold around 250 gallons, which is can weigh up to 2700 pounds. This is a lot of weight and not all decks can support this. But, the Bestway SaluSpa Siena only requires 135 gallons of water, which weighs around 1200 pounds, providing you the flexibility to set it up on a deck or other man-made foundation. Because the Siena is smaller than its competition, it is also the most convenient inflatable hot tub. It weighs much less, so transportation and storage is easier. It sets up and tears down in less than half the time as other tubs on our list. Cleaning it is easier. It heats up quicker. Filling it with water and draining it takes half the time. Basically, anything you need to do with this tub will be easier than with any other tub on the market.

Despite its smaller size, the intelligent design makes the tub very functional. It is long enough that two people can comfortably sit on either side of the tub without being cramped. It is also wide enough that a couple can lay next to each other in the same direction. The Siena comes with a tray that stretches across the center of the tub, providing a nice table to sit your wine glasses or snack on while soaking.

Metric Measurement
Volume 135 gallons
Capacity 2 people
Weight 1205 lbs
Flow Rate 280 gallons/hr
Heat Rate 3-4° F/hr
Max Temperature 104° F
Jets 127 Airjets

We also think that this is the perfect spa for people that are not as confident being submerged in water because it has two sturdy handles that provide support when entering and exiting the tub. These handles make the Siena the best inflatable hot tub for elderly people or somebody using the spa for therapeutic reasons such as recovery from an injury.


The tub basin is built out of the high quality TriTech 3-ply material that the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa and Bestway SaluSpa Miami are made with. The material is constructed with a polyester core, which is encased in a layer of PVC on each side. Polyester is a woven fabric, which provides strength and resistance to tearing. PVC is a plastic and its purpose is to provide a barrier that is airproof, waterproof, and puncture proof. The three layers, or 3-ply, compliment each other and result in an incredibly strong and durable fabric. Every tub that we have reviewed has outsourced their tub material. The reason that they do this is because there are companies like TriTech whose sole business is designing fabric. Through experience and research, niche companies like TriTech are able to produce some of the highest quality material on the planet.

We like when inflatable hot tub companies outsource the tub material and can notice the benefits. We are able to sit on the edges of the walls of the SaluSpa Siena and hardly notice any change in shape. One of the main reasons that the walls remain so sturdy when being sat on is because of the I-Beam technology that Bestway uses inside the walls. The tub is designed so that the inner walls are connected to the outer walls with strong fibers that prevent the walls from expanding outward when air pressure increases. Bestway takes this internal skeleton a step further by creating internal support structures that run horizontal as well as vertical. These internal reinforcements distribute air pressure evenly across the tub walls and ensure that the tub does not misshape when you sit or lean against the walls.


The Bestway SaluSpa Siena is 98 inches long, 59 inches wide, and 26 inches deep when it is inflated. When two adults are sitting at opposite ends their feet will overlap in the center, but the center is wide enough that it is easy to position legs where they are not touching each other. It holds 135 gallons, which is half the water that most of the other tubs hold. Because it is also half the weight of most inflatable spas, weighing in at 1205 lbs, it is one of the only tubs that you could potentially get away with using inside or on a deck. We could never determine whether the foundation that you intend to use your tub is structurally strong enough to support this kind of weight, but we keep this tub on our back deck at Tub Headquarters without any problems.

saluspa siena inflatable spa

The Bestway SaluSpa Siena uses a 280 gal/hr heat pump that generates roughly 1320 watts of power. If you do the math, a 280 gal/hr heat pump that only needs to take care of 135 gallons has an easier job than a 320 gal/hr heat pump that needs to take care of 250 gallons or water. Testing has validated this theory because the Siena heats up faster than any other inflatable hot tub we have tested. The heat pump is rated to increase water at a rate of 4° F/hr, which is also the highest rating on the market. Because it is the most portable and quickest to heat up, we feel that it is the best inflatable hot tub on the market for temporary weekend use like a camping trip. The SaluSpa Siena is rated for use in air temperatures over 40° F but it is very capable of maintaining its max water temperature at temperatures well below freezing. The pump’s high output to water volume ratio means that mechanically, this tub has the capability to stay the hottest in the lowest ambient air temperatures.

Like most of the inflatable hot tubs on our list, the Siena uses air jets instead of hydrojets. Hydrojets pump water back into the tub instead of air, and require extra hardware. The additional water pump and duct work that is needed to add hydro jets to an inflatable hot tub often costs an extra $300 or more. An air jet is a tube that runs along the bottom edge of the floor and has 127 pinholes in it. The air pump pushes air through the tube, which escapes through the pinholes and rises to the surface in the form of countless tiny bubbles. The rising bubbles give the pleasant sensation that you are sitting on a cloud and also move the water vigorously, adding to the soothing spa experience. The bubbles also cloud the water, adding an extra element of privacy. We really like air jets and think that they are a nice alternative to traditional hydro jets.

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The SaluSpa Siena is the easiest inflatable hot tub on our list to set up. It takes a single person less than 10 minutes to completely set the tub up and begin filling it with water. Since the tub basin is smaller and lighter weight, it is easier to move parts around during setup. Everything you need to enjoy your first soak is included with the spa. To set up the Siena all you need to do is position the tub basin on the ground mat. Next you inflate the tub basin using the air pump inside the pump unit. It takes 5 minutes to inflate the tub. Next you connect the heat pump unit to the tub and fill it with water. Finally turn on the pump and wait for your water to warm up. The whole process is very low-impact because of the manageable size and weights of all of the parts. This is another reason that we think the spa is the most appropriate product for elderly people.


The Bestway SaluSpa Siena is the best inflatable hot tub for a couple. Even though it is smaller than a round spa, the elongated design actually provides more room to stretch your legs. Smaller hot tubs are easier to setup, maintain, and quicker to warm up which is why we always recommend purchasing a smaller tub than you think is necessary. If you believe that most of the time you spend in your tub will either be by yourself or one other person, the Bestway SaluSpa Siena is hands-down your best option. It is made with high quality and, because of its smaller volume, it outperforms the larger inflatable hot tubs in almost all categories. In addition to being the perfect spa for couples, it is also the best inflatable hot tub for elderly people because the handle locations make it easier to enter and exit the tub. Whether you’re sharing a glass of wine with your significant other or using it for a place to set your valuables down, the table is a great feature for everybody. We are big fans of the SaluSpa Siena and think it is the best inflatable hot tub on the market for people who can benefit from its smaller size.

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