Everyone wants to come home at the end of a busy day and unwind. Taking a nice dip in a hot tub is the perfect way to relax. However, hot tubs are expensive. The Bestway brand understands the needs of people who like a conventional hot tub but can’t afford one. This company manufactures innovative outdoor products that help customers enjoy leisure time without spending too much. One of its most popular items is the SaluSpa Palm Springs Portable Hot Tub. It is an inflatable item that delivers the same relaxing elements as a traditional hot tub but at a fraction of the price.

Setup of SaluSpa Palm Springs

palm springs hot tub The SaluSpa Palm Springs is round with tan and white colors. This means that it blends well with most outdoor decor. A person can place it on a deck, in the middle of the backyard, or on a private patio. Also, the round shape makes it ideal to sit inside of a gazebo. It can be placed inside as well as it can be assembled in a basement or a covered sunroom.

Its measures 77 inches wide by 28 inches high. This makes it large enough to comfortably fit four to six adults. The control unit adds another few feet onto the dimensions.

The Palm Springs delivers superior strength and durability. The puncture-resistant exterior, crafted from a TriTech reinforced material can last a long time. It includes a polyester mesh core that is covered with two layers of PVC. The material can withstand air and water temperatures between 40 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that when a person lives in a climate with cold winters, it will be necessary to store the unit away until the location

warms up. When it comes time to draining, a garden hose can be connected to the tub. Residual water can be released through the drain on the bottom of the unit. After it is down, place it in an area with low humidity so that mold does not become an issue.

The I-Beam construction keeps the walls strong.  An individual can lean against the side without another form of support. To get comfortable, there is no need for air pillows or similar items. This is something that sets this portable hot tub apart from many others.


The SaluSpa Palm Springs holds 254 gallons of water. This is a large amount of liquid that needs to be heated. Luckily, it is fitted with a 1,300 watt heating unit, which raises the temperature approximately 3 degrees each hour. Using the insulated cover will speed the heating process. Also, it will help to maintain the temperature. This model allows a person to use the heater and the bubble massage feature at the same time. However, it is important to note that the bubble jets lower the water temperature.

The programmable heater function allows a user to control and set the unit up to three days in advance. Besides conserving power, a person can set the time and duration of the heat.  The heater can remain in use for 48 hours.

Along with the thermal cover, the base has a cushioned air pad. It sits beneath the unit and provides extra comfort under the feet and increases insulation.

By far, the nicest feature is the bubble jet system. On the Palm Springs model, the jets are located all around the bottom of the tub. Everyone inside of the unit will get to experience the massage action. The sound of the jets is kept to a minimum so that a user can relax without distracting noises in the background. If a person wants to enjoy a massage, the bubble jets offer light full-body stimulation. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the intensity.


Maintenance of the SaluSpa Pam Springs is simple, but it requires a person to pay attention to the water freshness. The SaluSpa has a standard filtration system. It does not use saltwater or a hard water treatment. The automated system removes hair and other debris from the water. To make sure that everything is clean, it can be turned on with the heater. To keep the water hygienic, there is a chemical floater system that comes with the unit. However, an owner will have to replenish the supplies so that the water quality in the hot tub remains high.

A person can use chlorine or bromine tablets to make sure that everything stays fresh. Depending on the frequency of use, the tablets can be added every week or every two weeks. There are times when the filter may become clogged. When a blockage occurs, the control unit shuts off.  Luckily, cleaning the filter is easy. It can be removed and hosed. As an extra measure to maintain clean water, place the cover on top when the tub is not being used. Velcro straps on the cover help keep it in place so that loose objects cannot fall into the water.


It is advised to assemble the hot tub in the location of its delivery. This spa is quite heavy. The box weighs approximately 90 pounds. Although one person can complete the assembly, it helps to have a small group available. It is simple to inflate and to connect the unit. The pump and all necessary tools are included and an instructional DVD is in the box.


The SaluSpa Palm Springs is one of the best portable hot tubs available. If a person doesn’t have the time or the money to spend on a conventional unit, this portable item is a great alternative. It provides plenty of space and nice power. The pump and jet system offer a refreshing spa experience. Bestway provides a solid warranty, and the brand’s customer service is always willing to help. Thanks to the durable construction and design, it is sure to hold up to many years of use. Older individuals will appreciate the therapeutic benefits. The massaging bubbles soothe aching muscles and joints, a wonderful treat for people with arthritis or similar ailments. Thanks to the affordable price of the SaluSpa Palm Springs, a person can easily bring the feel of an expensive resort to their home.