A hot tub is something that everyone aspires to own. It looks like the perfect picture of comfort – relaxing in hot water with a cold beverage while soothing music plays around you. It is a luxury worth investing in. However, once all the comfort and the relaxation bits are done and you are out of the pool, you might also realize after a while that you’ve also got to clean and maintain it. Cleaning a hot tub is something that people rarely talk about, which is why we are here with a list of the best hot tub vacuum cleaners which will help you clean out your tub in no time!

Anyone who owns a hot tub knows what a task it can be to keep it clean. There’s often sand and debris that tend to settle down on the floor of the tub, especially if you’re keeping your hot tub outdoors. The same story holds true with spas, jacuzzis, and bathtubs too. For those who don’t own a hot tub as of now, but are planning on buying it soon, this is something that you need to know beforehand! Keeping your hot tub clean is the best way to ensure it goes on for a long way and vacuum cleaners are one of the best ways to ensure this cleanliness.

cleaning hot tub

People who frequent spas will know that spa owners use an elongated pool and spa vacuum cleaner to clean out their tubs and pools. Similar equipment has to be used in the case of cleaning a hot tub as well.

Cleaning a hot tub is very important because if the dirt and the debris keep settling, they will begin to clog the water jets as well as the filters. This dirt and dust are also likely to cause the surface of your hot tub to become slippery and slimy, an experience you really don’t want.

There are hundreds of options available in the markets when it comes to getting a hot tub vacuum cleaner or a spa vacuum cleaner. However, not all of them are as effective as they are supposed to be while sometimes the differences between multiple models might seem minimal. In that case, which is the vacuum cleaner that you go for?

We are here to help you keep your hot tub clean! Let us take a closer look at the world of these vacuum cleaners and understand what they are, who needs them, how to use them, how to build a DIY spa vacuum cleaner, and some alternative means of keeping your hot tub clean.

So let us first begin with the basics and then build on to some more detailed concepts:

How Does the Hot Tub Get Dirty?

Hot tubs can get dirty because of multiple reasons. First of all, if you are using your hot tub in an outdoors setting such as your backyard, there’s always a good chance that dust and dirt from around the tub will fly in and settle in the tub. Then there’s always the chance of someone having muddy or dirty feet before they enter the tub.

This is something that often happens in the case of an outdoor tub, if you are exiting and entering the tub frequently, some dirt is likely to get stuck to your feet and eventually enter the pool. Besides that, sometimes if the source of the water isn’t the cleanest, there can be some particles that pass the filters and end up entering the tub.

Sometimes people let the water in the hot tub be there for way too long. The correct way to use it is to have the water in there for the days that you are using it, but you need to change it once you know that there’s going to be a short break. Even if you are going to use it for more than three days at a stretch, we suggest changing the water on the third evening. Letting the water stay there basically invites algae and other bacteria, as well as waterborne insects in the tub.

Why Should You Clean Your Hot Tub

The hot tub needs to be cleaned very frequently because if it is a dirty tub and if you are entering it, you are basically exposing your entire body to the dirt that is present inside the tub. What was originally in the water or on the floor might end up getting stuck to your skin.

This can cause dirty skin, rashes, and irritability. Sometimes it can even cause bacterial infections or even nausea if it enters your body. Sometimes it can even cause an upset stomach if ingested. This is why it is very important to take a bath only in a clean hot tub and to vacuum it after every use.

If the dirt or the grime is allowed to settle for a longer time, it can even cause the water to stink which is something you really don’t want and can cause an otherwise nice and relaxing experience to become quite unpleasant.

What is a Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner

A hot tub vacuum cleaner is exactly what the name suggests. It is a vacuum cleaner that helps you clean your hot tub. Cleaning a hot tub isn’t as easy as cleaning a regular surface because it is constantly exposed to water and things tend to stick to the surface harder than they would to a regular surface. This is why you need specialized vacuum cleaners for hot tubs.

It ensures that all the dust, dirt, grime, and algae are sucked off the surface of your hot tub and you get a very clean and relaxing experience when you enter it.

You can actually use a cloth and some cleaning liquids to clean your hot tub generally, but then you will always notice that there are some angles from where the dirt just won’t be cleansed. It requires specialized vacuuming which will make sure that there’s no dirt left anywhere in the tub.

While there are multiple ways in which you can clean a hot tub, there’s no other way as effective and efficient in giving you an all-around cleaning experience, helping you clean every inch, every portion of the hot tub as a vacuum cleaner. If you’re having a hard time imagining how a hot tub vacuum cleaner might look like, we recommend you to take a closer look at the AIPER SMART Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum, which is among the finest hot tub vacuum cleaning devices available to you.

AIPER SMART Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

These vacuum cleaners generally have a long handle and can be aimed and pointed to various portions of a tub with ease. These vacuum cleaners are generally waterproof as well so that the cleaner itself doesn’t get damaged while you’re cleaning the tub.

A hot tub vacuum cleaner basically makes use of suction to clear out all the dirt and dust that is stuck to the tub. The mouth of these vacuum cleaners is generally small and pointy which allows you to get better access to all the ‘joints’ of your hot tub. Some hot tubs will also allow you to add brushes and rags to them so that the best possible cleanliness levels can be attained.

Other Uses of Hot Tub Vacuums

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable,

Other than cleaning up your hot tubs, these hot tub vacuum cleaners can also help you clean up other similar water-based surfaces. These double up as a spa vacuum cleaner, sometimes even as a jacuzzi vacuum cleaner and can also serve a pool vacuum cleaner, helping you clean your swimming pools. The POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish, for instance, is actually among the best swimming pool cleaners as well as a hot tub vacuum machine.

Any surface that comes in contact with water for an extended period of time can be cleaned using these specialized vacuum cleaners. Other than homes with hot tubs, you are likely to see them being used for cleaning spas and swimming pools, as well as regular bathtubs at hotels.

Types of Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaners

Broadly speaking, there are three types of spa vacuum cleaners available to you. Let us take a closer look at each one of them:

Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaners

These are cordless vacuum cleaners that can be used in a very simple way just as you would use a regular vacuum cleaner for your rooms. You need to put batteries in them and they would start working. Just guide them along the edges and the angles and the dirt and the dust would be sucked in.

POOL BLASTER Max Cordless Pool Vacuum for Deep Cleaning

These vacuum cleaners come with no wires and no pipes attached to them and are very simple to use. However, you need to replace the batteries on them from time to time and the lifespan is a little shorter compared to traditional pool vacuum cleaners. One of the best examples of these vacuum cleaners is indeed the water tech pool blaster, which provides incredible performance and is perhaps the best vacuum cleaner for a hot tub out there.

2. Garden Hose Vacuum Cleaners

These are the second type of vacuum cleaners that require a garden hose to operate. The device requires to be attached to a garden hose so that a vacuum can be created to clean your hot tub, spa or pool.

These work at a low price point compared to the battery-operated vacuum cleaners, but the suction that they offer is quite limited and weak. It is best to use them for a jacuzzi or a bathtub, but won’t necessarily be a good fit for a hot tub over the long run. A garden hose vacuum cleaner is a rare sight these days because people prefer using stronger electric-powered vacuum cleaners which have a better suction compared to what a garden hose could offer.

3. Manually Operated Vacuum Cleaners

As the name suggests, you need to put some manual effort here to create a vacuum. The machine’s tank has to be placed under the water while you have to create manual suction where all the water passes through this tank and filters out the dirt while keeping the pure water in there.

This is a very complicated process and these vacuum cleaners have been out of fashion for a while now since automatic machines have made the job much easier and faster. There are, however, no cords, pipes, or batteries involved in this process.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Vacuum Cleaners: Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know what a hot tub vacuum cleaner is and what purpose it serves, let us take a closer look at a buyer’s guide which will help you determine which are the best hot tub vacuum cleaners for your needs. Since the difference between these vacuum cleaners isn’t really significant, you need to know intricate details like these to get a better picture about whether or not a vacuum cleaner will suit your needs.

Hottub Maintenance

1. Power

You don’t really need a very powerful vacuum if you are planning on cleaning up a one-person hot tub. However, if you are cleaning a six or an eight-person tub, you will need more power because there’s more dirt, as well as more surface area to clean. Basically, the bigger the tub, the more power your cleaner needs to have in order to clean it.

On a side note which we will expand in the next point, electrically powered vacuum cleaners are generally considered to be way more powerful than compared to battery-powered vacuum cleaners.

2. Corded or Cordless

Kokido EV30CBX Telsa 30 Telescopic Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Now we come to another major debate – do you want more mobility and comfort, or do you want more power? A cordless vacuum cleaner is generally very comfortable to work with as it can be angled in from different vantage points and it can be taken out to clean an outdoor hot tub. It serves as the perfect pool and spa vacuum cleaner – but it is powered by batteries, which generally gives it lesser power. Kokido EV30CBX Telsa 30 is among some of the best examples of a cordless vacuum cleaner for hot tubs.

On the other hand, a corded vacuum cleaner is generally more powerful and offers stronger suction in comparison to a battery-operated cordless system. However, it is difficult to maneuver it around and movement becomes quite challenging.

3. Waterproofing

Given that this is a device that you will be poking in a water-filled tub from time to time, you need to make sure if your vacuum cleaner is actually waterproof or is it just water-resistant up to a certain height. You also need to know the exact waterproofing details (up to how many meters of depth is the vacuum cleaner waterproof). Make sure to check the reviews about the waterproofing working correctly and whether the warranty covers any water damage.

4. Angular Nozzles

One more thing that needs to be taken care of when it comes to getting vacuum cleaners for your hot tub is to check the nozzles. You need to see if they are angular enough to reach every corner? A spa vacuum needs to be as angular as possible because dirt tends to fall in the water and settle in corners from where it becomes very hard to pull out. A flat-nozzled vacuum cleaner isn’t really going to do you much good.

5. Attachment Support

You also need to check if your spa vacuum supports attachments such as brushes. Getting brushes to be attached on the nozzle can make cleaning a hot tub or a spa much easier because it can first vacuum out the dirt and then clean up any traces that are left behind with the help of the brushes that are attached to it. Similarly, you must also be able to attach other attachments such as skimmers and sponges which are quite beneficial for cleaning up surfaces.

6. Material

The material used to build this vacuum cleaner needs to be durable as well as lightweight. It shouldn’t be plastic, but it shouldn’t be a very heavy metal either. It should be something that does not rust, avoids electric shocks while also keeping the device protected from water-related damage. A mix of aluminum and plastic is often seen in spa vacuum cleaners. With an aluminum pole of over 7ft, the Aura 6250 Paradise Power Spa Vacuum is among the best vacuum cleaners for hot tubs that get quite a deep reach and is really beneficial.

7. Price and Warranty

POOL BLASTER Spa Vac Plus Cordless Vacuum for Hot Tubs

Price and warranty are two big factors that you’ve got to keep in mind while buying a pool and spa vacuum cleaner. It needs to help you keep it clean, but should also give you a good value for money. A good vacuum cleaner would generally cost you between $100-$200 while there are cheaper sub-$100 alternatives to it as well. Make sure you get a long warranty period that covers water-related damage too. If you are indeed looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner for your hot tub that won’t cost too much, we urge you to check out Pool Blaster Spa Vac, which costs well under $100 (ranging between $50 to $75 depending on the discounts).

DIY Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner

If you are someone who wants a quick-fix home solution for vacuuming your hot tub and don’t really want to invest in an actual hot tub vacuum cleaner, don’t worry. We’ve got a solution for you too. You can create a DIY hot tub vacuum cleaning system that will allow you to get pretty much the same cleaning effect as a regular vacuum cleaner but at a much lesser price point, although with not as much effectiveness.

The first thing you’ll need is a half-inch tubing pipe. While most homes have them lying around somewhere, there are many places where you can buy them. They are available at practically every convenience store and home depot. Other than that, you would require two more things – the shaft of a golf club (one which still has a grip), along with a duct tape, cut into three six-inch strips.

DIY Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner

This duct tape will then help you tie the tube with the golf club shaft. Tie it at the other end which is away from the handle. The tube needs to be a little above the club so that it reaches deeper. Use the tape to stick the club and the tube together at three places – neither too near, nor too far from each other.

Your DIY vacuum cleaner is pretty much ready. This is a very simple setup where you will basically be utilizing the power of basic high-school physics to clean your hot tub. This might not be an effective technique for getting dirt and grime that is firmly attached to the tub out but is good for a basic level of cleaning.

Insert the end that is tied to the club in the water, just pus it till it reaches an end of the tub, and then give the other end of the tube a little suck. Water will then start flowing out towards the loose end. Keep it on the ground and let siphoning mechanism help you suck out any dirt or grime on the surface of the pool.

While this doesn’t give you as much suction power or even a real vacuum, this is still a quick-fix solution if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at the moment or if you aren’t really willing to spend a lot of money on one.

Keeping Your Tub Clean Without Using a Vacuum Cleaner

While vacuuming your hot tub is a good way to keep it clean from all the dust and dirt that might have settled in the tub, you can also keep it clean by following certain other tips and methods:

The simplest way to keep your tub clean is by wiping it every now and then. If you see some dirt beginning to settle in your hot tub, just use a cloth and wipe it off. Besides, just make it a point to use a cloth, dip it in some sort of sanitizing liquid and then clean up the tub from all around after use. It takes some time, but it makes sure that your tub remains clean and dry, and protected from any dirt.

Other than using a pool and spa vacuum, you can also use high-quality spa cleaning chemicals which will help you shine up your hot tub real nice without causing any damage to the surface or irritating your skin. If you are going for these sanitizing chemicals, make sure you choose ones that are really skin-friendly.

Another common problem that hot tub users tend to face is the fact that scum lines tend to form when you use them for prolonged hours. These scum lines form due to the use of body oils or other lotions body-care material that people use. Using scum balls is a good way to ensure that these lines are taken care of.

Maintaining your filters and ensuring they are changed from time to time is one of the most important things because it helps keep your water clean. Many times, there’s something from the source which makes the water dirty or murky. These dirt particles need to be filtered out and keeping your filters clean, and replacing them from time to time is a good practice that one needs to adhere to. One of the stupidest things that we’ve seen people do is that they wash their filters in a dishwasher. Please don’t do that, it damages your filter more than it cleans it.

Lastly, one of the best pro tips about keeping your hot tub clean that we can give you is to please use a foot bath before you enter. A foot bath is basically a small tray where you can immerse your feet in the water and clean them off any dirt and grime before you enter the main tub. The water in this tub can be thrown away after every use and the surface can be cleaned and the next person’s feet can then be re-washed.

Hygiene Precautions to Be Followed in a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a very relaxing experience, which people often share with their friends and family. However, since these hot tubs are often a community experience, you also need to keep them clean. There are a number of hygiene precautions that need to be followed, and while these machines help you keep them clean, there are some other tips that you can also check out:

Make sure that you are using sanitizing liquids while multiple people are there in the pool. Also if it is not too awkward, just make sure to ask people if they do not have any bacterial/fungal infection because that is something that might spread via water and one really needs to take good care of it.

Furthermore, it is also best advised to wear clean gear to the hot tub, if you are wearing some special dress for it. Please don’t use dirty clothes while entering a hot tub because it can cause the dirt in the clothes to spread in the pool. Also, make sure you are wiping your feet clean before entering the hot tub.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaners

Let us take a closer look at some of the most common and frequently asked questions about hot tub and spa vacuum cleaners:

1. Is a Hot Tub Worth the Investment?

A hot tub is totally worth the investment. In case you are not willing to spend too much money on getting a regular hot tub, we recommend checking out some inflatable hot tubs which offer pretty much the same features but at a much lower price point.

2. When to Buy a Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner

The right time to buy a vacuum cleaner is around the same time that you buy a hot tub. This is particularly true if you are planning to use it outdoors because there is always some dirt or dust particles that settle into the tub when you use it outdoors.

3. Do I have to Vacuum my Tub Every Time?

Yes, we strongly recommend vacuuming the tub after every use so that it remains clean and dry. We also recommend wiping it clean after the vacuuming has been done.

4. What is the best hot tub vacuum cleaner?

While it is difficult for us to objectively point out a single name, we believe that keeping everything in mind, water tech pool blaster max is one of the best hot tub vacuum cleaners out there, given its large scrubbing brush head, comfortable grip, and because of just how easy it is to operate this vacuum cleaner.

5. Are Pool and Spa Vacuum Cleaners the Same as Hot Tub Cleaners?

Yes, pool and spa vacuum cleaners, as well as jacuzzi and bathtub vacuum cleaners are all the same things as they help you clean these water-filled surfaces.

6. Where to Buy a Spa Vacuum Cleaner From?

One of the best places from where you can buy your spa vacuum cleaners if from the Amazon web store, which offers you a large variety of vacuum cleaners as well as other cleaning accessories and attachments that will ensure that your hot tub remains clean at all times. Amazon is also very quick with the deliveries and offers hassle-free returns too.


We hope that by this point in the article you know everything that there is to know about hot tub vacuum cleaners. These look like very simple products at first glance, but when you take a deeper and a detailed look, you will realize that these vacuum cleaners actually need to be selected with care and there is quite a thought that goes behind choosing one. If you still have any more questions or queries about these devices, feel free to send us a mail or let us know in the comments and we shall get back to you as soon as we can!