If you have the distinct pleasure of owning a hot tub, you already know the many benefits it has on your body. The relaxation you experience from the warmth of the water and the jets that pulsate around you is just one of them, as well as the buoyancy of the water assists those who are unable to exercise due to physical reasons on dry land.

No hot tub is complete without a good cover. When you’re done soaking in the Jacuzzi for a while it’s important to cover up the tub so that you can protect it from the elements and nasty debris.

Soft covers can be an inexpensive and attractive alternative to a huge, hulking hard cover.

But when deciding what kind of soft hot tub cover to buy, it’s hard to know what the best choices can be. There are so many varieties out there that shopping for the perfect model can sometimes be a nail biting experience. No need to fret. We’re rounding up some of our favorites so you can soak in your hot tub worry-free.

Top-Rated Hot Tub Cover

1. All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover

Budge P9A16SF1 All Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover Lightweight, UV-Resistant, Medium, Tan
  • YEAR ROUND PROTECTION: Made from a 3-layers of spun-bond polypropylene with a waterproof inner layer and UV resistant coating, this cover keeps your patio furniture protected from the elements all-year long
  • PROTECTS INSIDE AND OUT: Treated inner layer and ultrasonically welded seams make these covers 100 waterproof. Meanwhile, the inner layer is breathable reducing condensation and preventing the build-up of mold, mildew and rust
  • STYLE AND VALUE: With our All-Seasons Collection you’ll never have to sacrifice style for protection. This collection will compliment nearly any preexisting patio décor, all while extending the life of your outdoor furniture
  • SECURE THROUGH THE SEASONS: Elasticized hem keeps your cover in place in windy conditions
  • SIZED TO FIT: Designed with a contoured shape and elegant design for a custom-like fit. This square hot tub cover measures 14" H x 86" W x 86" L

Sometimes, you just need something simple. The Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover delivers on that front.

This square cover is made from 3 layers of spun bound polypropylene. It’s light and breathable, meant to protect your hot tub from insects, mold, dirt, and other debris.

Customers love this cover because it’s inexpensive, waterproof, and highly effective at protecting their hot tub. While the cover is thin and almost paper like, customers love that the cover is waterproof even without having to treat the material.

The only major downside is that the cover has been known to tear easily after extended use so handle it with care. Budge offers the cover in two colors, blue and tan. It only comes in one size but it should fit most commercial hot tubs. Still, measure your hot tub before you buy it and you’ll be good to go.

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2. Covermates – Round Hot Tub Cover

Covermates Round Hot Tub Cover - Light Weight Material, Weather Resistant, Elastic Hem, Outdoor Living Covers - Green
  • DURABLE FEATURES: Polyester lining, elastic hem for a secure fit
  • TOUGH MATERIAL: Made from water resistant 12-gauge commercial vinyl for durable dirt, water, and UV-protection material for year-round coverage.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • COVER SIZE: Designed to fit up to 80 DIAMETER x 14H hot tubs
  • Keep your investment protected from dirt, water, and more all year long with one lightweight cover.

CoverMates is another brand that pops up when you ask consumers about the best hot tub cover..

They say that it is thick, and made with quality materials. Some owners note that these covers stand up well to the elements, withstanding tough windstorms!

If you have a round hot tub, you may want to consider this versatile model. The Cover Mates Round Hot Tub Cover in Classic Vinyl is made with 12-gauge commercial vinyl. Designed to fit up to 80”x14” hot tubs, the Cover Mates model might not fit all models but for the ones it does, it works very well.

Reviewers love this cover because, although it’s vinyl, it can be cleaned in a washing machine. It can easily keep out debris and rain and is an economic alternative to higher end models, which can often cost at least a hundred dollars or more. The versatile cover comes in green, khaki and tan. All and all, it’s a great choice for round tub owners, especially when you factor in its affordable price and ease of use.

But owners of square hot tubs, worry not. Cover Mates also has a square model for your consideration. . It fits easily over most hot tubs thanks to its elastic hem and adjustable draw cord.

Why do customers go for this cover? According to customer reviews, this cover is very easy to take off and put back on. It can be placed over the tub by itself or applied on top of a hard cover for additional protection. Even without a hardcover, however, this cover still works effectively on its own to shield your hot tub. All in all, it’s simple, easy to use, and offers customers an affordable layer of protection even in warm, sunny climates. Like the Round model by Cover Mates, you can order this cover in tan, khaki, and green. It looks great, keeps your tub safe, and is a fantastic investment whether you have a hardcover as well or not.

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3. EmpirePatio Tan Tweed Square Hot Tub Cover, Medium

EmpirePatio Tan Tweed Square Hot Tub Cover, Medium
  • RESISTS THE ELEMENTS: Covers are made from a machine-woven, durable 600-denier polyester that resists fading, rain, sun, snow, dust, bird droppings, and tree sap. Double-stitched seams (with dark grey piping) keeps water out
  • PROTECTS AGAINST CONDENSATION: 100% breathable material keeps air flow circulating without letting rain into the cover
  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: Our stylish Tan Tweed Signature covers are affordably priced, so you can have the durable covers that will protect your hot tub for years to come
  • COVERS STAY SECURE: Elasticized hem keeps cover in place in windy conditions. Includes: 2 Year Warranty
  • DIMENSIONS: 86" Square Hot Tub Covers Cap measures: 14" High x 86" Wide x 86" Long

This cover, EmpirePatio P9A16PM1 does the job well, especially if you’re looking for an affordable and durable replacement. Capable of covering hot tubs up to 86”Wx86”Lx14”H, this polyester cover is ideal for most hot tub models. Whether your tub is outside or indoors, this cover offers advanced protection against a variety of conditions.

Reviewers have noted that this cover stands up very, very well in sunny conditions. And that has to do with the fact that this cover has been UV treated, making it the perfect soft cover for summertime.

Crafted out of two layers of polyester with a micro-porous inner layer, it’s very durable and works well both by itself and in addition to a hard cover. It comes in tan, tweed tan, and nutmeg varieties. The only downside with this model is that it doesn’t afford the best protection against rain- water slips right through it- but it is effective at protecting your hot tub from almost anything else.

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4. Budge P9A17PM1 English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover

Budge P9A17PM1 English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover Heavy Duty and Waterproof, Large, Tan Tweed
  • PROTECTIVE AND STYLISH: Our patio furniture covers aren't just durable, they're also stylish. Our covers have an elegant, rustic, woven tan pattern accentuated by dark grey piping that is sophisticated enough to complement any patio décor. Meanwhile, our 600 denier polyester is strong enough to protect your furniture from the elements all year long
  • PROTECTS INSIDE AND OUT: Machine-woven polyester and ultrasonically welded seams make these covers waterproof and UV-resistant
  • STYLE AND VALUE: With our English Garden Collection you’ll never have to sacrifice style for protection. This collection will compliment nearly any pre-existing patio décor, all while extending the life of your outdoor furniture
  • SIZED TO FIT: Designed with a contoured shape and elegant design for a custom-like fit. This square hot tub cover measures 14" H x 94" W x 94" L

Another great offering from Budge, this cover, Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover has it all. Crafted out of 600 denier polyester, this versatile cover is both water proof and UV resistant, making it ideal for a variety of conditions. It’s also uniquely crafted to help prevent the formation of mold.

Editor love that it holds up well against wind and is easy to slip on over any hot tub, proving it’s under 94”x94”x14”. Like many of the other soft covers on this list, it can be paired with a hard cover to help preserve the cover or used on its own for indoor and outdoor hot tubs and spas. It’s also PVC free, making it an environmentally friendly purchase to boot.

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5. BeyondNice Ultra Hot Tub Cover,

BeyondNice Ultra Hot Tub Cover, Custom Made 6" Thick Maximum Insulating Replacement Spa Cover - World's Only Design Your Own Ordering Wizard Insures every cover is made perfectly for every customer!
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ OUR AMAZON STORE REVIEWS ARE 100% POSITIVE (year ending 9-9-19) 😃 Have complete confidence when buying from us! These unmatched reviews prove our cover quality and service are #1. We have 98% positive lifetime reviews! Our deluxe custom made cover has 4.8 stars with 90 reviews and NO 1 or 2 stars.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ VERIFIED REVIEWS RATE US #1 BEST COVER 🏆 Buy our worry free thermal insulating cover with a 5 year warranty. Verified reviews from consumers that have received our durable covers, not post checkout reviews, prove our hot tub covers are rated #1. Be suspicious when sellers brag about quantity, not quality.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DESIGN-YOUR-OWN Ordering 🧙 We end your worry about getting the right spa cover for your specific needs. Only with BeyondNice is every replacement cover made perfectly for every buyer! Protect your hot tub and reduce your heating bill with our replacement hot tub covers and spa covers for Jacuzzis.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MADE IN THE USA 🗽 Only buy from sellers that clearly state who manufactures their covers. BeyondNice brand top quality covers are manufactured in the USA by Spa Cover Incorporated – making covers for 34 years and counting! Some claim USA made when they are actually made in Mexico and ONLY assembled in the USA
  • ✅ This is a six inch thick, custom made, replacement hot tub cover. After your Amazon checkout, we will use Amazon messages to confirm your delivery and cover specifications including shape, size and color. Further details and included components are presented below.

The BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover (serves also as a spa cover) is six inches thick for the maximum insulation. This keeps the heating bills low. This cover is backed with a five year warranty which includes water logging. It has a sloping top so that the rain can run off or it can be flat for tubs in areas under the deck.

It is mildew resistant and has two nylon lifting handles on each side of the hinge. With four locking tie-down straps and up to a six inch wide skirt, you can be assured that you are protected from UV rays and adverse weather. Users report that it is the best they’ve had yet. Reviewers consider it a great product!

BeyondNice makes a thick hot tub cover, with extra insulation for those who live in colder areas. Reviewers say this cover is extremely well made and fits their hot tubs perfectly.

Consumers also say that BeyondNice has wonderful customer service, which is always nice. This cover, which is made in the USA, also comes with a pillow that runs the length of the hinge, providing insulation along the hinge when you lower your cover.

Reviewers note that the cover works so well that even when snow lands on top, it doesn’t melt any faster than the snow on their decks or patio–proving that the insulation is thick. They also note that the underside of the cover has a fantastic seal around the edges; they say you can feel a bit of a vacuum when you lift it.

BeyondNice offers covers with double density and an extra thick second layer of plastic that helps protect the insulation from getting wet. Even better? This cover is eco friendly and reviewers say it helps cut down on the energy you use, reducing your carbon footprint!

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6. Leaf Net – Hot Tub/Spa

Leaf Net - Hot Tub/Spa
  • 8.5 ft diameter Hot tub cover that is made from high strength micro mesh that keeps dirt and leaves out of your hot tub.
  • Easy to fold and store. Comes with a storage case.
  • More time in the hot tub and less time cleaning it.
  • Color:Black

EZ Leaf Net Cover is a lightweight net cover. It is 8.5 feet in diameter made from high-strength micro PVC mesh. It will keep leaves and dirt out of your tub. The net catches the very finest debris and this unique cover is an easy to fold and store cover and even comes with a storage case.

This, of course, will give you more pleasure in the tub and less time keeping it clean. Users find this cover very EZ to fold and very EZ to use.

Your hot tub was more than likely a costly but worthwhile investment. And since you spent a significant amount of money on this purchase, it only makes sense that your investment should be protected. So, doesn’t it make sense to use a cover on your hot tub so that the value for your money is guaranteed.

It is guaranteed because covers ensure that leaves, dirt, debris, insects and elements from inclement weather are kept out. These elements can contaminate the water therefore causing unnecessary problems with health.

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