Massage is one of the best ways of overcoming disorders and improving your bodily habits. The best thing is that it is completely free of drugs and medication. Regular massage therapy helps people even with diseases like insomnia. Many people have experienced reduced symptoms of chronic diseases and pains without taking painkillers or sleeping pills.

Regular massage sessions are fruitful in maintaining good cardiovascular health. A massage once in two weeks or once a month should be done for overall wellness. A proper and regular massage sessions along with some other changes in your lifestyle can lead to an extended lifespan.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Cardiovascular Health:

Heart diseases may appear because of lack of physical exercise and movement or the lack of nutrition. Some people who have habit of smoking are also the ones at risk. Cardiovascular diseases are found in people irrespective of their gender. The only precautions you can take is to change your lifestyle by making it healthier. Exercising has proved to have explicit benefit on your heart health.

Massage therapy in a regular pattern has been proven to influence some parameters that are directly related to heart health. Such as reducing stress, blood pressure and circulation rate.

Massage and Stress:

Stress is one of the most dangerous factors that affects your health. A prolonged stress can turn into serious diseases, depression, diabetes and many other chronic issues. Massage therapy induces relaxation and reduces stress. It stimulates your body to release endorphins which boost your mood. Besides, massage therapy has proved to reduce the level of stress related hormones.

Blood Circulation:

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that increases the risk of heart problem.  Massage therapy reduces level of BP by lowering its level. Some effective methods include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and others.

Massage and Healthy Circulation:

As stated earlier massage improves flow of blood within your body. Massage therapy also has a positive effect on the thin layer right under your skin directly linked to proper functioning of your heart.

Massage and Heart Rate:

RHR is referred to the Resting Heart Rate that serves as an indicator of good health. An average healthy human being should have a heart beat per minute rate of 40 – 100 bpm. An increased rate of heart beat is an indication of poor heart health. It leads to problems with your blood pressure causing hypertension and other issues. A very high range can even cause a stroke. When studies were conducted on link between RHR and massage therapy, people who received massage were recorded to have a reduced RHR.

Consult a Trained Professional

If you really wish to reap all the health related benefits, it is best to set up your massage sessions on a regular basis. Consult with a professional who is educated and trained as a massage therapist. Sessions with trained and certified professionals are safe so you won’t face any side effects.

Improved Sleeping Routine:

With the use of effective massage therapy, one can boost the level of production of the key components that helps in maintaining natural sleep rhythm. People who have included massage in their daily routine report that they enjoy a restful and deep sleep each day.

Different types of massage therapy can be used for improving your bedtime routine. However, some of the most popular ones include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: During this massage therapy, powerful long strokes are applied in a slower motion to focus working on tissues deep inside your body. This massage proves effective for relieving tension in muscles and helps with healing injuries.
  • Swedish Massage: This therapy makes use of gentle long strokes along with kneading. Tapping, circular movements and vibration techniques are also part of it. Many sport lovers opt for this massage as it helps in recovering from injuries.
  • Pressure Points Massage: This therapy focuses on various trigger points in your body. Applying pressure through massage on these areas helps in de-stressing tensed muscles.

Can Massage Help Infants Relax and Fall Asleep?

Massaging a baby is a practice that has been carried out from centuries. It is true that massage can actually help your baby relax making them have a sound sleep. Massage therapy includes various benefits for health and well-being of your infant:

  • It makes your child calm down.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improving the process of digestion.
  • Promotes bonding with parent through touch.
  • Improves growth and development.

How Does It Work?

Massage to infants is given by kinesthetic strokes that improves both their physical and mental development. Light rubbing helps them relax. Massage increases the temperature of their bodies. It is important to note that you should not overstimulate body of a newborn. In case of fever, skin rash or any other health issues, do not massage your baby until they completely recover.

Enhancing Body Workout

  • Reducing Pain and Tightening Muscles

Your muscles get worked out during a bodybuilding session and thus they need recover. Recovery of damaged or tensed muscles can be done through massage therapy. An effective massage therapy opens up pores within your skin enhancing the flow of nutrients. Apart from that, this process also enhances waste of toxics and lactic acids.

  • Muscle Toning

A bad circulation and blood hold results in weakening tone of your muscles. A massage therapy with proper pressing and pumping eases up tensed or blocked parts encouraging the flow of fluids through them. Filling up of vacuum improves muscle tone.

  • Improved Movements

Tight and stiff muscles hinder movement and can result in an injury. Stretching movements through massage therapy loosen muscles and increases flexibility. With massage technique, you can gain more mobility and prevent yourself from dangerous injuries and chronic pains.

  • Focused and Alert Mind

After an intense workout, a massage therapy not only relaxes your body but also gets you in a peaceful state of mind. Post massage therapy, your mind will be more alert and you will be able to focus better.

Massage Aids in Dealing with Allergies

Many of us suffer allergies related to stress. Some allergies are triggered with change of weather, dust, pollen, mold and other substances. Some common symptoms of allergies include tensed muscles, headache and congestion. A massage therapy can work well over all these factors and can aid in dealing with allergies.

How Does Massage Therapy Help?

First advantage that you can gain as a result of massage therapy is relaxation. An effective massage therapy  works to slow down the reaction of allergies. Agents that stress your body such as cortisol and adrenaline can be reduced as result of a massage therapy. Massage therapy improves breathing, blood and energy circulation within your body by opening airways resulting in immense relief.

Self-Massage Therapies to Improve Allergies:

Though self-massage cannot replace a professional massage it temporarily gives you relief when you can’t make it to the session. With the use of pressure over your acupressure points, you can easily reduce the effects of allergies.

  • Dealing with Allergic related Congestion:

Place the tips of your fingers in the center of your eyebrows where they meet nose. Apply a light pressure over that area in an anti-clockwise circular movements slowly. Use your middle fingertip on your nostrils where your cheekbone ends and apply a light pressure there. This self-massage technique eases up congestion.

  • Dealing with Allergy related Headache:

With the use of your middle finger and index finger, gently apply massage in a circular motion over corners of your forehead. This give you instant relief from headaches. Another self-massage for headache could be applying a moderate amount of pressure on a point where your neck muscles meet the base of your skull. Press this area in an upward direction.

  • Dealing with Sinusitis:

A proper self-massage over some acupressure points can reduce the symptoms related to sinusitis. This self-massage therapy includes massaging the area of your large intestine with the use of your thumb and index finger. Remember that pregnant women should not massage over this area or it may induce labor. Another effective therapy is massaging the acupressure point that lies at the back of your skull where it meets your ear bone and neck.

Note that the intensity should not be too high.

Professional Massage Therapy for Allergies:

Apart from the self-massaging techniques mentioned earlier, effect of an allergy can be reduced by visiting a massage therapist.

  • Swedish Massage – One of the most prevalent massage therapy that aids relaxing the body even in the condition of stress and pain. The therapy improves the immune system.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Lymphatic drainage and abdominal massage works towards supporting your immune system.
  • Aromatherapy – This therapy reduces effects of allergies by using essential oils. However, make sure that the oils used are completely safe and meet your requirements. Some popular options include chamomile (for soothing skin related allergies), lavender oil (stress reducing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing), eucalyptus (improves breathing and clears nasal passage) and cedar wood oil (improves asthma, chest congestion and relaxes bronchial area).
  • Facial Massage – A proper facial massage with right moves can also improve your sinus and any allergy related swelling.


Massage session is definitely the key to recover your body. Make recovery quicker and promote healing by setting a regular massage therapy schedule. It will not only benefit you physically but will also have positive effects on your mental wellbeing.