Let us start off by saying this upfront: hot tubs can be an expensive purchase and often require a hefty investment. This is why you must read up and research about them before you purchase them. In this article, we aim at providing you with a complete understanding of what a hot tub is and how it functions. This is the ultimate guide on Buying Hot Tubs to hot tubs that you must go through before you make the purchase.

It wasn’t until long ago that you’d have considered hot tubs to be an item of luxury that was meant only for the top 1% of society. However, over the years the costs of these tubs have come down significantly and it has become more affordable to buy one. Especially since the arrival of inflatable hot tubs, it has become even more practical to own one.

Over the course of this article, we shall be discussing some of the most basic things such as what a hot tub is, what are the different kinds of tubs and the benefits of these tubs, but the primary focus will be on the topic of 6 essential tips that you must keep in mind before you make the purchase. These include some things that are quite basic but people often tend to ignore or forget.

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In addition to that, we answer some Frequently Asked Questions before we conclude. We hope that by the time you finish this article, you shall know everything that a buyer needs to know about hot tubs before they invest their money in them. These tubs can provide you quite a relaxing experience and we want to ensure that you get the best possible models that will suit all your needs!

What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is basically a bathtub that heats water and provides you with streams of hot water constantly. The tub provides a hydrotherapeutic experience where hot water helps you ease your muscles, de-stress yourself and relax. Depending on the models, these tubs generally feature water jets and bubblers and provide a complete spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

These tubs come in various shapes, sizes and are even made out of different materials. However, despite all these differences – they serve one common purpose, providing you with relaxing effects that come from heated water. These tubs also contain filters to keep the water pure, temperature controls, and some of them also feature Bluetooth-based control panels and lighting controls.

Who is a Hot Tub Meant For?

A hot tub is meant for anyone who wants to spend a few relaxing moments of their day getting recharged around hot water. Buying a hot tub can involve a large cost, but it is an investment in yourself.

Besides being a place where you can take a relaxing dip, another reason why people buy a hot tub is that it provides a perfect space for your friends and family to bond at. As a hot tub owner, you will always be the most sought-after person in your friend circles. It is also a great place for your kids to spend their summers in as well.

A hot tub is also a good option for people who are dealing with muscular ailments as hydrotherapy is often recommended to them. Hot tubs, especially the regular (non-inflatable) ones, offer you a decent hydrotherapeutic experience and are often recommended by physiotherapists.

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Besides being a great place for family, they are a great option for people who want to spend some quality me-time. Getting a single-person portable hot tub can allow you to relax and unwind after a long and hard day’s work. These tubs act like spas and you could just forget about everything around your for the while you’re in them. For anyone who wants a proper home spa experience, we suggest you to check out the Intex 28425E 77in PureSpa inflatable hot tub.

What Are the Different Kinds of Hot Tubs?

Another important thing about these tubs that you need to know before buying them is that there are two different kinds of hot tubs. The first being regular tubs, which are generally made of acrylic material or ceramic, and the other being inflatable hot tubs which are generally made out of PVC.

1. Regular Hot Tubs

As mentioned above, these tubs are made out of acrylic or ceramic. These are generally much larger and heavier compared to inflatable tubs and require more space. You would generally find these tubs in the master bathroom. These are feature-rich tubs that come with a larger number of water jets and bubblers, as well as more ‘high-end’ features such as Bluetooth controls and better temperature control.

Owing to their weight and build, these tubs are not as mobile as inflatable tubs, and also cost a lot more. The purchase price of these tubs can often surpass thousands of dollars. However, you also get better seats, better insulation, better water pressure, and a wider variety of models when buying these tubs.

2. Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Comparing inflatable hot tubs with regular hot tubs, there are two things that are straight-up visible. An inflatable hot tub is made out of a very different material – it is generally one of the two: laminated PVC or reinforced PVC. This makes these tubs lighter and more portable compared to a regular tub. The second thing that stands out here is the price, which is usually half or a quarter compared to the price of a regular hot tub. Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus is the perfect example of a portable hot tub.

These two factors, put together, make inflatable hot tubs very appealing. Besides that, these tubs are easy to set up and the installation process is generally automated. Maintenance of these tubs, too, is easier in comparison. However, these tubs aren’t as feature-rich when compared to regular-sized tubs. They can’t really provide you the experience that spas provide and they generally lack seats and have fewer water jets and filtration systems. However, the cost factor is a major plus point here.

6 Essential Tips to Consider Before Buying Hot Tubs

We are now at the core of this article, where we discuss six important tips, i.e. things you need to keep in mind before buying a new hot tub. All these factors are important to consider before you make the purchase and going through this list will help you get the absolute best products that will match your exact needs.

1. Space Available to You

First of all, you need to know the exact space that is available to you. Measure up the size of the area where you want to keep your hot tub. Be it a bathroom or be it a front lawn or a back yard, go out there with a measuring tape and know the exact area that you have at your disposal.

Once you have taken down these measurements, it is then that you should go and check the size of the new hot tub that you plan on buying. The tub needs to not only be smaller than the area that you have, but it also needs to leave a sufficient walking area around it so that all your space isn’t filled by the tub.

In case you feel that you are falling short of space, you might want to consider getting hold of a portable hot tub or an inflatable hot tub instead of a regular hot tub. This is because these tubs are smaller in size, and in the case of an inflatable tub, they can be deflated and kept aside when not in use, thereby saving you a lot of space.

2. Number of People

Another major factor that you need to know is the number of people who would be using this hot tub. Is this something that is meant only for you? or is it going to be for you and a partner? or is your tub a complete family experience where multiple people will be using it at once? These questions need to be answered before you buy a hot tub.

Depending on the answer to these questions, you would go for a single-person hot tub, a two-person hot tub, a four-person hot tub, or a six-person hot tub. These are generally the four acceptable sizes that hot tubs come in. The more the seats, the higher the cost of the tub is also going to be. If you are looking for a two-person tub, you might want to check out the slientC Inflatable Bathtub, which is quite affordable as well as a good fit for children.

However, it would be quite a bummer if you buy a hot tub and then realize it doesn’t have enough seats for all your family members to get in it at the same time. Hence, it is essential to check the seating capacity of the tub before buying a hot tub. For those looking for a four-person hot tub, the best and the most comfortable of your options should be the Intex 28439E Greywood

3. Type of Tub

Another thing that is quite important to consider is the type of tub that you are buying. Are you buying a high-quality hot tub made of ceramic or acrylic materials, or are you buying an inflatable hot tub? In the case of a regular-sized hot tub, you will be buying a bigger and heavier product, but it will be feature-rich, have a larger number of water jets, bubblers, and other facilities.

Getting an inflatable tub will mean you are getting a tub where installation is easier, and you can move it around with ease to keep it wherever you want to use it. You can also deflate it and keep it aside when you are not using the tub. However, you compromise on the insulation and the comfort here as the water pressure is generally higher in the case of a regular hot tub.

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An inflatable hot tub, however, costs less and can be a budget purchase for most people who are looking forward to buying an affordable option. On one hand, you get excellent quality and comfort but a bulky and expensive product, on the other hand, you get a stripped-down product but at affordable prices and great comfort. This is the choice you make when you choose between a regular hot tub and an inflatable hot tub. The shape can be another factor, and products such as Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii come in a unique square shape that you might want to keep an eye out for.

4. Features

Always make sure that you are checking out all the features of your new hot tub. As we have established before, buying a hot tub is an expensive affair and you need to make sure that you are getting as many features as possible.

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A good quality hot tub is likely to provide you a large heating range, as well as good insulation. It should not only heat the water but keep the water hot for a long time. There should be a large number of water jets and bubblers, and the filters need to last a long time and should be easily replaceable. The seats need to be comfortable, the cover needs to be one that ensures that the heat does not escape out. Also check out the kind of pumps being used and the water pressure that you get. Talking of a feature-rich hot tub, make sure to check out Essential Hot Tubs’s Syracuse Hot Tub

Besides that, you need to check out some additional features – does your bathtub provide a backrest? How big is the display panel? does your tub feature steps? etc. These are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Always make sure to check with your local dealer and know all the features that your hot tub has to offer. Compare that with other top-tier tubs to know what benefits your tub has and what is it missing out on to get a more accurate picture.

Hot tube Features

5. Ease of Setting Up and Maintenance

One more important thing that people you need to know before buying a hot tub is how easy is the upkeep. Is your hot tub easy to maintain? How often does it require a cleaning? Does it retain the heat or do you need to power it up again and again?

Cleaning a hot tub can be quite a complex task, especially in the case of a regular hot tub. Cleaning and maintaining an inflatable hot tub is a rather easy task and can be done easily after you’ve deflated it. Besides that, you also need to take care of the filters and the water outlet, which also has to be cleaned up. The cover also needs cleaning up from time to time.

Talking of the cover, you need to make sure that your hot tub has a high-quality cover because that helps you retain heat and save on electricity and energy costs. People prefer inflatable hot tubs because it is easy to set up in your backyard and then can be easily taken in when not in use. It can be moved around with greater ease compared to regular tubs.

6. Cost

One of the most important things for a hot tub buyer is the cost of the product. Shopping for a hot tub is not like shopping for any other product. It requires a considerable investment and a proper budget has to be prepared for it. It can be quite expensive to buy a good quality hot tub. Especially if you are someone who wants a spa-like experience in your home, you will need to spend quite a bit on that.

While local dealers can provide you good deals on hot tubs, we suggest checking out some online options too, as you can get a larger range of brands and some good deals as well.

When you are looking at the costs of the hot tub, you also need to consider energy consumption. Pumps are to be run, jets and bubblers are constantly running, and the heating process too consumes quite a bit of power. All these features need to be kept in mind as they add to the overall cost. Besides that, the cost of delivery and installation will be an additional surcharge when you buy a hot tub. This is why getting a hot tub with good insulation helps you save costs.

Benefits of a Hot Tub

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of getting a hot tub:

1. Helps You De-Stress

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First off, relaxation is perhaps the biggest benefit. You get to kick back and chill after a long day’s work and there’s no feeling as good as hot water surrounding you and bubbling around you while you sip on your favorite beverage and perhaps watch a movie. This is the perfect spa experience that can help you bust a lot of stress. Bestway 60038E St. Lucia SaluSpa is a great option for those who just want to relax in hot water.

2. Hydrotherapy

This is a proven method to heal sore muscles as well as to improve muscle mobility. Physiotherapists around the world tend to prescribe hydrotherapy as a means for improving the condition of ailing muscles and these tubs can be quite beneficial when it comes to that.

3. A Fun Place to Socialize

Besides providing you with relaxation, they are also a great place to chill with your family or your friends. People often host parties where a small group of friends comes together and relaxes in this pool-like setup.

4, Better Sleep

Another important benefit of getting a hot tub is that when you are relaxed, you can sleep better. It has been proven that people are able to sleep better after spending some time in their hot tub.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hot Tubs

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about hot tubs:

1. Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Safe to Use?

Yes, inflatable hot tubs are totally safe to use as they are used by millions of people around the world, including children.

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However, if you are dealing with some sort of a water allergy, pregnancy, or any other ailment where hot water can cause damage to your skin or body, you might want to consult with your doctor before getting into the tub. Tubs such as the Coleman 90363E SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa are among some of the most popular options on Amazon and have been preferred by thousands of users all over the world.

2. Which is better: a regular hot tub or an inflatable hot tub?

There is no objective answer to this question and this can only be answered on a need-case basis. For some people, they want a high-quality, feature-rich relaxation experience, almost like a home spa. For them, a regular tub would be more useful.

For others, who are more cost-conscious and are looking for a cheaper alternative, as well as something that can be moved around with ease, an inflatable hot tub would be a better option. Delivery is also easier when you compare an inflatable hot tub with a regular hot tub, which can be quite large and bulky.

3. Which is the best place for buying a hot tub?

Amazon is a good option for buying a hot tub online, as you get a large number of brands with various different features. However, local dealers are an equally good option as they provide you with the best deals and discounts and you can save quite a bit of money. It is best advised to compare the prices and make the final decision yourself.


As a product on which buyers are spending quite a significant amount of their hard-earned money, it is important for you to go through our list of the best tips for buying a hot tub. We hope that after considering all these factors, you have arrived at the final decision and are now clear about which hot tub you are going to buy. Do let us know in the comments below about the hot tub that you have purchased, and feel free to ask us if you have any more questions on these tubs!